Is there a support group in Los Angeles, CA

Hi All,

I just wanted to find out if there is a Brain Aneurysm Support Group in Los Angeles, CA area. My brother had a raptured brain aneurysm and underwent an emergency surgery a week ago. He's still in ICU and we are hoping he will fully recover from this illness. My sister-in-law is the direct caregiver of my brother and there are times that she feels too overwhelm of the situation. I am hoping I will be able to find a local support group for my brother and his wife.

If you have information, please feel free to message me.

Thank you.


I looked at the BAF support group web site, and was very surprised to see that there wasn’t any listed in-person support droup.

Perhaps you could check in with the social worker at the hospital where your brother is and have them look into it. You can also check with the Chaplin at the hospital as well.

I’m sure there are several members here from the LA area. Perhaps they can help…?

Otherwise, we’re here for you.