Emotional stress and aneurysms

Good morning, I was wondering if anyone knew whether or not severe emotional stress can lead to growth or rupture of aneurysms? If so, how? Is it the rise in blood pressure that emotions cause? My surgeon said that my anxiety won't affect anything but some studies seem to link it to rupture risk. Thank You!

Joy, good question! I’ve heard both ways, my doc shared that they really don’t know yet as it was a question my partner asked. I would suggest following any advice your doctor provides. Your doctor knows you and your brain better than studies found on the Internet. (Not to negate those studies at all). As for your anxiety, have you tried relaxation breathing or meditation?

This not only just changed my attitude towards stress; it's changed my life. Best 15 minutes I've ever spent. Watch this and relax. Stress is part and parcel of life. No-one can avoid it.