Hi everyone,

I received an email today from someone The brain aneurysm foundation which was an email from someone that said they are a member on this site. The person that email apparently came from goes be the user name Yoma. The email was asking me to reply to a private hotmail address and this persone would send me pictures of them and is very intrested in getting to know me. I can't seem to find this person in the members list.

I am concerned about how I can get emails from this site address but can't seem to find the member.

Any thoughts?

wow my own brain was a bit sleepy there…the email came from the brain aneurysm foundation…

Thank you Jim. This disturbs me. I just don’t understand why people have to try an ruin a good thing.

Thank you for the information,
I thought the email sounded a bit odd so I decided to check it out first. Once again Thanks!

Hello, I received the same message, and noticed also that she is not a member, I did give her my email address because I trusted her, but now I have deleted it! Thanks for the info everyone.
P.S. You would think that you could trust her, from being on this site???

Good advice Jim!!

Dear Kimberelly, I received the same message from the same person, and that she would like to get to know me etc. but you are right she is not a member on this site, so I suggest you just ignore this person, other members have had the same person Yoma e-mailing them as well, This is not nice for someone to sneak in our site, that has nothing to do with us. Hoping that this info helps you!!! Gof Bless!!! Bonita

I would be careful. I have freely given my personal E out to anyone who wants it…but I’ve NEVER asked for pics OR sent them OR made ‘overtoures’ that even suggest it.

I don’t give my personal email out and I never ever open an email from someone I don’t personally know…I have gotten burned once before and it’s won’t happen again…(I hope)…lol

Kimberly, thank you for letting us all know…
Somehow, I feel sadly for people who have such limitations in their lives, that they are a nuisance in email issues.
Some time back…Jim will probably remember, there was a similar occurrence, diff name…and, Jim took care of that, too. .

I have asked for FEW E-mails. IF I have exchanged a lot with the individual FIRST. It’s become a VERY SAD society, Sites such as this are here to HELP…NOT discourage. I have QUICKLY BLOCKED when I need to. ONE was my step-brother of all people, and the other was (I thought) a very good friend of mine when I was on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I block as I share this PC & should anyone get curious they are @ least thoughtful enough to leave the blocks & talk to me. \

Its a hard thing to do, but sometimes necessary, I have a hard enough time as it is. I need POSITIVE in my life. My E’s &/or comments are either marianne or sILVER bELLE.

I also got an email from her, and someone else named Jennifer. I did not reply to either, because it just didn’t seem right. I’m glad to see these other replies. Thanks!

I have added a couple people from the site. This is marianne_39506@hotm aka sILVER bELLE. I am in as ‘assisted living’ in Miss, My short term memory & my blind eye make it difficult…as well as I have limited time on the sole PC here. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Several members have replied in a posiotive way.

I also received that message last week and also received another message today from someone else…They really don’t have your email they are just sending you a message via this site. At first I was very concerned also but this site promptly removed the message. It is just so hard to believe that some people have nothing better to do than try and send photos of themself to us. SICK SPAM …Well I guess that we can consider it a way to give our brain a workout LOL

If you get an email at your personal email address just SPAM it

Thanks Jim

Karen, Give our brain a workout…lol…That was a good way to think about it!