Can't get into your site

have you removed me for some reason, I'm getting no emails from you. Not haveing trouble anywhere else. I keep getting a go daddy site when I click on you in favorites.

It wouldn't be my cp. LOL

the web address has recently changed…an email was sent w/the new address…you might want to check your spam mail…alot of my baf emails were going there…save it to your favs n itll replace the old site address…good luck sweety

Thank you I delete all junk and spam without checking I’ll try to find it

Wilma -

I never saw an email about the new address either - it may have gone into my spam, tho I am pretty good about checking spam before I delete. Luckily I hunted around the website and found the new link. Glad you did, too!

Me too...I can't get in...only time is when people reply to a discussion...then I must come here and reset my password...something isn't right...and I haven't rec'd an email from the site...I am not sure who to contact in order to get help...wonder if Jim would be the person...let me know if you have figured out what is going on...keeps putting me to

Any Help would be appreciated...! Colleen

I couldn’t get in for days, I kept gettin Go Daddy. Then I got a reply from Michelle and went to trash and it just happen to be there. I get so much spam and have a lot of problems with virus, that I just delete them and then delete trash, but for some reason it was still there. hope someone can help you. have a good day.

Thanks Wilma…I hope someone in administration looks at this and helps me out…maybe I will type to Ben…good thoughts…have a good evening…Colleen

When you first go on to Brain Aneurysm Foundation, do NOT hit the upper right side where it says ONLINE COMMUNITY. That’s no longer functional. Scroll down a little, from that first, main screen, and on the RIGHT HAND SIDE look under “ANNOUNCEMENTS” and you will find a new link to this forum. I know it’s confusing - took me a few days to find the new way in. Hope this helps.

thank you Jennifer

Still looking for it Jennifer…but thanks for the help…Hugs Colleen