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Drooping Eye

My opposite eye is now droopy. Or looks droopy. Now I’m even more sure than before that this is what I think it is. I can’t take it anymore. The pain, the worry and everything else. The NHS won’t give me therapy or more tests.


Have you tried scheduling to see a Neuro-Opthamologist?

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You can read about ptosis (the medical term for a drooping eyelid) online. I’m not a doctor but a lot of normal people have slight ptosis, you can look at famous people or portrait paintings and see the slight difference. Not in everyone, but it’s not uncommon. One thing I know is that with an aneurysm one pupil is much larger than the other (I had an enormous black pupil on only one side) and yours look exactly the same. If you don’t have double vision, one pupil going off to the side, or headache, you might have to trust them. If another symptom develops, call them immediately. Until then, try to stay calm. You don’t want your blood pressure to go up!

Interesting about the pupils, mine were both normal size.

After my surgery My eye also was dopey and eyebrow wouldn’t move.Now after 6 months it’s moving some.They said it was the nerves in face were damaged some But started to get better about month 4.Hope yours gets better soon. Teresa K.

Have you been to an ophthalmologist yet?

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Do u have any symptoms of double vision or blurry vision? In my case, I have left skew deviation on my left eye resulting in double vision/blurry vision. For my case, my examination at Ophthalmologist and Neuro-Opththamologist just confirmed symptom and I had my diagnosis; however, treatment (vision therapy) is not covered by insurance. It is considered experimental. I was also prescribed prism glasses which was covered by insurance for portion of the cost. Is there an University level Optometry School in area? I went through 6 months of intensive vision therapy (convergence/divergence exercises) at the best Oprometry School in the US. The name of the therapy is called binocular vision therapy. I can now somewhat control the double vision. Where did you have your rupture?