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Dr Brain says


I asked my doctor about my aneurysms and he said:
Normally he does not do surgery on a wide neck pericollsal aneurysm of my size due to the location and wide neck. He said if I felt uncomfortable with it or it begins to grow or change that would be a different story. Continue to monitor-mitigate factors by avoiding: smoking and high blood pressure and monitor stress levels.
Good news? I think? Not sure.


If it’s small size I think it’s normal that they observe first . If it start to grow- means more chances to rapture , this why it’s different story I guess . May be at this moment and at this shape of aneurysm more safe not to touch it . If you want to make sure it’s right plan , you can get second opinion …


I think so. I think I have more chances of a piano falling on my head-but still unnerving to know that thing is in there…


:slight_smile: piano falling chances are indeed small ( can confirm it as a pianist ) :slight_smile: