Does everyone get pains where they coils are situated?

Hi all,

Just wondering if everyone with coils gets pains or aches where their coils are situated. I had my coiling a year last May and for the past 8 weeks I have had pain and sometimes an ache like toothache, in the base of my skull on the right side. Only just realised thanks to Kimlin here on the forum,that its where my right carotid artery is and where my coils are situated. I'm scared! I dont know if I should to be alarmed by this,or if this pain is part of the process.I dont know what to do really. My MRA was normal and I don't get a follow up until next January with the neurosurgeon. I go for tests on the 22nd due to still having extreme visual disturbances. I rang the Hospital and explained I wasnt happy about waiting 4 months for these tests,. I get a retinagram,a VEP and a VEP so maybe this will help reassure me.

Eve x

Hi Eve...I am so sorry you are having this pain...I don't know what to think...My coils are at the base of my neck and I have always had hurting in my neck...I would call my Doctor if I were you and I would tell them exactly what you told us...and see what they say? Your visual disturbances are so concerning to me...

Please keep us posted...and I am sending out a prayer for you ~ Colleen

Eve...yes, I have a lot of pressure...specifically in one spot...I also have what resembles swelling in my parotid...and, which is not...



yes I have alot of headaches after my coil its been 7 years since my surgery

Hi Colleen,

I paid to see the neurosurgeon a week ago. He said he was happy with my MRA results as was the neuroradiologist who performed my surgery. He told me me the pain I am experiencing is related to my neck. I go on the 4th August to have 3 hours of tests regarding my visual disturbances. Hoping to be all sorted soon,

Eve x

Hi Pat,

The neurosurgeon said the pain is due to a problem with my neck. I am now being referred to a different neurologist. Hopefully my odd symptoms will be explained.

Eve x

Hi Erika,

Thanks for posting. I'm still told nothing that I'm experiencing is related to my coiling procedure. I didn't experience these symptoms before, so its very frustrating. The neurosurgeon told me I should be fine by now.

Eve x

Hi Eve: I had the coiling procedure done December 6, 2012 from a raptured Aneurysm and a mild stroke. I still have the type of pain you describe at the base of my head where the Aneurysm is. I have to use 2-3 pillows to get relief and sometime I go thru periods of not sleeping at all. Sometimes it feels like my head is swelling on the inside. Doctor says I just need to rest and when I do I feel better. I have good days and bad. My last Angiogram was normal with no growth. I too have vision issues. Had to get new glasses which still do not help. Still have headaches.

The procedures themselves wipe me out and take me 6-8 months before I start to feel better. Next one is in December of this year. Hope you feel better soon. This is a challenge no doubt. I will pray for you.


Hi Eve,

Yes I have pain were my coil is. When I have a bm I can feel it. I have constant pressure in my neck (been told it has nothing to do with my annie or coil) but it was not there before my annie ruptured. Constant headaches, pressure in my head, stabbing, burning, etc. I have been told all of these symtoms are not because of my rupture. I get the feeling from drs that they think these are all a figment of my imagination. I GIVE UP....I am tired of drs, emergeny rooms, scans, etc. I jst sit at home in misery wishing I would die already.


I also have raptured aneurysm and stroke. My was 2009. There coiling mine. My stroke was 7 days after my coiling. They put me in a coma for 1 moth and I still have headaches. I should have died but the good Lord kept me alive. I pray for everyone that have been though all this. Keith

I also have pain where my coils are. It’s very specific almost like if my brain we’re see-thru I could point where it is. I was told this is normal. But it’s scary I’m always wondering if something’s going wrong. Once a year I get a cerebral angiogram and so far all is good. I’m coming up on my 4th anniversary of the hemorage. Hope your vision improves!

While I have had frequent pains where my coil resides. Its better than being dead though.