Doctor failed to perform PED

Hi everyone, My mother underwent PED procedure yesterday and it went on for about 4 hours to know that all the effort went in vain. Doctor was so irresponsible to let us know that hospital was not well equipped to perform the procedure and later admitted that this procedure could have been done easily elsewhere the entire effort and the pain my mother went through, all for nothing. It would be great if you guys could give me some contact in US where i could get this procedure done



oh no! so sorry Sharath, I don't know any ped experts but I'm sure there are many at every university and every major city in the world, do you have any family where she could recover from surgery? as far as pain topic- I doubt there was much pain since ped is done thru femoral artery- very small incision and a bruise for a few days. I hope you get some answers so i'll keep you in thoughts and prayers, i'm searching for a surgeon at my hospital in phiadelphia but ped gives me pediatrics, i'll try pipeline search~

Thanks Ron ped stands for pipe line embolization device and here in India its known by the name Flow diverter

After 4 and half hours the least we could expect from them was to place the device in its place and the doctors failed to do that. someone on here spoke highly of dr dion in this Atlanta Georgia hospital, do you have any relatives or friends here that could care for her after surgery? i though Europe had ped before us in usa- not sure, i hope you get some good advice from others too which will start some sort of plan~

I am so sorry Sharath....~ Like Ron said...Major city hospitals...they are even listed on this Doctors on the Board...~ God Bless...How is mom doing ? ~ Colleen

OMG Sharath, what an awful experience...sending positive energy your direction,

Peace, Janet

Hi Sharath, Im not sure where you are located but I had the PED procedure in July. I had mine done in Minnesota at Abbott. Great hospital and great doctor. Good luck to you. Deb


So sorry to hear about that. I had a clipping done. However, I was seen by a coil specialist before it was determined that clipping was a better option for me. I really liked Dr. Ghodke at Harborview in Seattle Washington. I would have had him do my surgery if I did not need a clipping.


I had a PED put in place at Tampa General with Dr. Kan. It was a smooth and seamless procedure. I pray your Mom is able to find a qualified neurosurgeon and qualified facility. Best wishes.

I had mine placed in Nashville, TN by Scott Standard. He was wonderful! Good luck to you.

Sharath...I am so sorry for all you've gone thru...

What treatment options were you given in addition to PED? And, whatever pushed the marketing of PED?

My personal opinion, is that the doc had great ethics to let you know...except that it seems it should have been done before you / your mother's decision...

Blessings for great responses from the PED group...