Disturbed emotions and chemicals

I hope there are people with experience on this who might be able to share some of their insights. My aneurysm was on my left ophthalmic artery and wasn't that big but was very symptomatic. Since after my aneurysm occurred and even more pronounced after the coiling last year July I have felt myself reacting more irrationally to situations and also being far more emotional without being able to explain why or what I'm feeling. This has once again become more pronounced after my recent angiogram. These disturbance even go as far as random body temperature variations.

I have had so little information and the information I've been giving has been varying. The one explanation has been that the actual angiogram and coilings have been responsible for chemical disturbances which will take time to rebalance. The second has been that the medications have been responsible. The last explanation is that there is scar tissue (which also ties in with the last neurologist's decision for long term medication for me due to constant pain).

Any opinions or knowledge to share?

hi Rushan- i had sah coils 3 yrs ago,wasnt told of any chem. disturbances other than an occupational therapist saying that we could laugh or cry for no reason, i think for me all emotions are magnified which actually helps me to deal with others- i feel their pain and care 100 times more, Thank God hate is not magnified,i love you all


I just wrote a long, nutty email about the same thing. I wish I had answers for you but you are not alone...

Hi Rushan...I had my 3rd angio about 2 weeks ago...and I must say...I agree with the chemicals doing something to our brains...I have been so emotional...headaches are horrible...and I feel so fatigue'd...not to mention, my body doesn't seem to like the enclosure they placed in my groin...I am trying to ride out another storm in this journey...but know...you are not alone...~

Cyber~healing thoughts your way Colleen