Did anyone have sensitive teeth after clipping?

Hi All,

Hope you are all well. I had my unruptured aneurysm clipped 2 weeks ago and have had really sensitive teeth over the last few days, did anyone experience this?



I've had sensitive teeth for a couple of years--after having getting some dental crowns. I had 2 unruptured aneurysms clipped in July & didn't notice a change in tooth sensitivity. Right now I'm alternating using sensitive teeth toothpaste & dry mouth toothpaste. I'm taking nortriptylene to help with my migraines & it causes dry mouth.

Hi Jo, sorry to hear about the sensitive teeth -- that must be troublesome. I am due to have two small aneurysms clipped in Feb. How are you feeling two weeks post surgery besides the teeth problem? Any insight to prepare myself most welcome. Cheers, Annie

I have had it since my clipping last November. Have lost a cap too. If this has anything to do with clipping I don't really know. I hope you and your teeth feel better soon!!

Jo, ask your neuro about which cranial nerve may have been affected during / from the surgery...

I have had tremedous problems with my teeth, but not sensitivity; I am a wickedly wired woman...not one of surgery / clips.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and continued healing.


Maybe back to which cranial nerves are, or may be, affected. I have a tremendously high enamel loss have had more dental the past 6 years than the prior six decades...and, it was all so quick from start to continuation.

Do you have dry mouth? That has been extreme for me...much better the past several years; my first year or so post-wicked wiring (aka coiling); I'd wake up w/my cheeks stuck to my teeth; the left side worse than the right side. Back to the cranial nerves...the trigeminal (V) has nerve branches to the upper and lower jaw and more.

Have thought of you so often...wish you the Merriest Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hugs and prayers,


Hi Annie, I don’t feel too bad thanks. I am on just regular paracetamol for the pain (which isn’t too bad). I am just very tired after doing very little! I think the key to a good recovery is plenty of rest! Where are you having your op? Sending positive thoughts your way for a successful op in feb. Jo

Thanks Kimberley, will be interesting to see if it settles down! Hope your recovery has gone well!

Hi pat, I do have a dry mouth but hadn’t associated it with the op! I will check with consultant at next visit. Hope you are ok. Have a lovely Xmas and all the best for 2012. Jo


I will try the sensitive toothpaste see if that helps. Hope you have had a good recovery after surgery.

Try Biotine mouthwash for dry mouth -- it really helps.