DickD helping out

I wanted to share with everyone that @DickD has agreed to help out. Mr. Richard is a fantastic empathetic man who hales from England! He is teaching me loads of things and even put up the New Member Welcome category so I can remember where to welcome everyone, isn’t that grand? Mr. Richard had an AVM that was glued, similarly different from what we experience here. He is a moderator for Ben’s Friends AVM Support Group. You can read his wisdom and his experience in all the posts he has made. I strongly encourage we all read his posts.

Welcome Mr. Richard, I’m really happy you are gracious enough to help out here!



Thank you @Moltroub! It’s very kind of you to welcome me and I hope to help one or two people here in a similar way to on AVMsurvivors.

This was a news article posted to each of the Ben’s Friends communities about me. If anyone wants to learn more about AVMs (there is sometimes a bit of a convergence of AVMs with aneurysms) then feel free to ask.

It’s good to start to understand more about aneurysms, too. I look upon everything I do in Ben’s Friends communities as really rather educational (by which I mean I learn a lot).

Thank you for having me!



Welcome Dr Richard, although I didn’t have and AVM (mine was a SAH) it is great you have joined the group. I have had a lot of help, expecially from @Moltroub. This a group has been a very important part of my life since I found it.



Thank you for your welcome! I’m a patient just like you, not a doctor: @Moltroub very graciously calls me “Mr Richard” but I take that as a cultural difference between being an American and an Englishman!

These Ben’s Friends peer support communities are a fantastic resource for people like you who’ve had a bleed and for whom life has taken a very sharp turn downhill to try to get support for what the process through recovery looks like. I was very fortunate that I discovered my AVM before it ruptured (because I could hear it!!) and so, as @Moltroub says, I see my role very much as looking after those of us who’ve discovered an aneurysm or an AVM before it has done any damage. It is just as frightening to discover an unruptured bleed risk like these and similarly turns your life, your assumptions about life upside down.

Being peers, patients with the same issues as each other, we can encourage each other that we can get through these challenges.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting people here and other Ben’s Friends forums, learning about different conditions and (I hope) being able to offer thoughts that might help someone out of the worry they find themselves in. I like to try to help by telling stories. I like to see what stories people are saying about their situation and what thoughts, what stories come to my mind that might be allegories that could help them.

There’s nothing better in life to do than help someone in trouble à mon avis.

Thank you for having me!



Calling you “Mr. Richard” is a Southern way of showing great respect, something which I have loads of for you!


I thought it was. It is an interesting thing to meet different cultures, especially when we assume more similarity than there really is.

Meeting you and Ben’s Friends TJ has been quite an eye opener: I understand so little of what you guys say. Honestly. You were talking about stores of dry wood the other day. I’ve never heard of a cord of wood before! And never had need to. Perfectly educational.

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The different cultures we meet here is what is so great about joining up with any of the Ben’s Friends Support Groups, isn’t it? The South has a different dialect than the West Coast. I had a heck of a time learning Southern English when I moved to NC. Growing in in California, we would say do you want something over here or over there, in NC, it’s put it over yonder. My favorite Southern word is “directly” as in I’ll get to it directly. Meaning don’t hold your breath, it probably will never happen. Or it could be “Bless his/her heart”, which can be a saying for some difficulty a person has to go through or a way of saying that person is dumb as a box of rocks.

You have helped me with my English and I thank you for correcting it. The way in which you do allows me to remember which is fantastic! I need to bring up another half a cord of firewood, we are under a winter storm warning again with ice accumulation allegedly. A cord is 4’ high x 4’ wide by 8’ long btw. But I keep our firewood about 16” - 18” long as the fireplace we have is smaller than the one we used to have.:joy:


A bit late but welcome, best wishes, and thanks for helping!!!


Thank you! I’m struggling to keep up with the conversations: I belong to another community and we have plenty of conversation going on there at the moment that I’ve missed out on a lot of conversation here. But @Moltroub knows I’m here to help if needed. And you guys seem to have very long conversations over here. Loooong posts!