My 2nd introduction

Unfortunately, I didn’t see this category at the time that I posted my introduction, it’s under the general category.
I’ll just take the time to say hi here. I’m new to the group, but am 8 years out since my ruptured aneurysm. Looking forward to meeting you :wave:


Welcome! Even if you’ve been here a few years, welcome!

You didn’t see the category when you joined because @Moltroub was struggling to stay on top of who-was-new and who-have-I-welcomed? that she asked me to create the category. So it’s new. Very new.

In my community (I have an arteriovenous malformation rather than an aneurysm so I’m a stranger here just helping out) we let people introduce themselves – and have this category for exactly that purpose – so I thought it good to get a similar one set up here but @Moltroub likes to be very welcoming and up front about it all, so has posted a bunch of welcomes for people about once or twice a week.

I hope you’re doing well what is now several years after you joined.

Very best wishes,



Thank you for the welcome :grin: