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Daughters so worried and fear about my next, BA's surgery, craintomy.clipping

They have gone through so much with my health.Since my cardiac arrest at home.Then 3 yrs ago was shocked 3 times by my pacemaker-difiberator.They were at the house when it happened outside with horses.They ran outside we all thought I was dying.I was saying how much I Loved them.So I had to have heart surgery again to remove everything. Then replace everything back.Then my Lukeumia.They are such amazing daughter’s.But so hard to talk to them about next surgery.They see the problem Iam having with speech,no smell,head scar pain.I just feel like crying all the time when I think about what they are going through.My last surgery They were able to come but next one they will have to stay and take care ranch.Thank God my husband will be with me.I think about this everyday.I would be so grateful for some ideas to help them. I Love them so much.There such loving daughter’s.Thank you with whole Heart💞

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Teresa, It’s really, really hard for those who love us not to be frightened. Just remember to give them hugs as often as you can. Remember to tell them how important they are to you and never forget to praise or thank them, even for the smallest things they do. Discuss it, don’t ignore it, let them ask anything they want. If you don’t know the answer, call the surgeon or come here and we can share our experiences. And don’t forget life is not all about chores, go out and have some fun with them…maybe a girls outing…

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Thank you!I have been sick for 20 years.I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone so didn’t add this part.When I was 37 yr. I was in hospital 6 month straight and on TPN liquid nutrition for 9 months .They flew me from Las Vegas to Mayo Clinic,Rochester Minnesota and after tests said;idiopathic chronic Pancreatitis.I never have drank my whole life.But this pain affects everyday of life.Then you add everything eles.My girls Love me very much! And thankful for most of there lives I pushed myself for them.My oldest a professional Ballerina,massage therapist,and plays the cello.My youngest equestrian show jumper and Mangers. Horse barn; & horse trainer.

But in all this beautiful girls.They can’t talk to me about what were going through.Thier always here to help.I don’t want to stress them more.The truth it is so hard.But Iam the Mom!Bless you for listening to me.The Skype went fine with Surgoen.Will have to have craintomy,clipping.My huband was able to talk.Thank you!:blush:

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You have obviously been a great mother to have raised such accomplished and kind daughters. That foundation of good mothering is a blessing to them that will last a lifetime and such love isn’t given to everyone. Of course they worry, as you would if the situation was reversed. The advice to thank them and tell them you love them was perfect. Their concern about you shouldn’t be a burden to you. It is an expression of their love, and that’s a very great thing.

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Wow!Your both so right I need to tell them more.I’ve just don’t want them to worry.But I LOVE YOU!ALWAYS brings joy to the heart​:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::pray:

Since I ruptured, I have to tell the folks in my life how important they are to me, it’s almost an obsession! And one of our rescues won’t let folks in the house unless I give them a hug and it makes her calm down. Doesn’t mean I hug everyone that comes into the house, sometimes I just keep her outside and escort them in.

And yes you are the Mom, but to ignore the elephant in the room isn’t healthy for any of you. I don’t have any children, but I always ask the younger members of my family if they have questions they want to ask my Neurosurgeon. Surprisingly, they come up with some really great questions! Try it, it might help everyone to relax a little.