Dad has an aneurysm and I'm scared

Summergirl, I am praying for you and your father. I am so glad they found the aneurysm before it ruptured. I suffered a rupture in 2010 and am happy to say I am doing great now, with no headaches or disabilities, after clipping. It is much easier to recover from a brain anye. and surgery before a rupture has occurred. Just being there for your dad, writing down everything the doctor tells him and most of all lots of praying and positive thoughts will help immensely.

We are all survivors or family on here. We’ve been through it and know the debilitating fear that goes with the diagnosis. But know that we all get through it. One of my aneurysms…in the right carotid artery was fixed(eliminated) with a stent/coil procedure. There is another that they are watching. Just be thankful these problems were found and will be fixed. The usual schedule would be fixing the annie, then clearing the carotid, if they feel it’s necessary. Have faith in his doctors… They are getting pretty good at this. Since annies are often hereditary, see if the doctors suggest you and any siblings, of his as well as yours, should be checked with an MRI. My family got checked and all were fine… Keep the faith and, yes, breathe! Your dad, too!

I too am 65 and had my unruptured aneurysm clipped in a 4 hour open craniotomy surgery in January 2015. I was out of the hospital in 3 days, going to dinner/movies/shopping by day 4, and walking 1 - 2 miles by day 6. I was back to work and driving at 2 weeks. I am 100% recovered. This site can be encouraging but it also can be scary. Many people who are on it have had ruptured aneurysm; luckily his is not. Many people have side effects and are looking for help. People with success stories like me are probably not here. I too came looking for help and had to stop because most if the stories are scary. Put into perspective everything you read and be positive for him (and for yourself)!

Yay, so good to hear from you Nancy, we need more stories like yours here! Thank you!!

My name is James and I've had 3 aneurysms. 1 brain, 2 left wrist. Whats u n ur dads name? I'll put him n u on my prayer list n I'll pray 4 u everynight. Keep praying n believing that the Lord works miracles. May God bless u n ur whole family through these hard times.

My daughter suffered a SAH rupture close to two years ago. It is far better to find out before it could have ruptured and surgery is very scary but the results will be better with a planned surgery for repair. I found the power of prayer was an amazing thing for us. We had family and friends praying all over the world and I know this was the reason our daughter has done so well. Get people involved...they truly want to help, I will say a prayer as well.

Hi Summergirl, your dad is going to be fine. THEY FOUND IT!!! I know it’s freaky and scary, but just know that he will get through this. 65 is not that old… And now he’s knows about his aneurysm and can fix it! I have two aneurysm, one 10mm (coiled 6 months ago) and another 3mm that we are monitoring. I have three young kids and two jobs and a wonderful husband. When I was feeling scared it helped me greatly when my family was brave for me. Eventually (and sooner than you think) life will get back to normal and he will be fine. Get as informed as you can, ask the Dr.'s questions and be brave for your dad. I’m wishing you guys all the best.

I hope your dad is okay. I will say prayers for him.

I was very lucky when I had my aneurysm. It hemoraged but the surgeon was able to clamp it.

I was lucky to have a wonderful surgeon in San Francisco. I was rushed to the hospital with horrible head pain and unconscious. I was flown to San Francisco from Stockton where we were visiting friends. We live in Southern California. I was 59 when this happened. I am very happy to say I had no long lasting problems from the aneurysm.

This was very scary for my husband and children. There was a counselor available at the hospital that spoke to my husband and children. You might want to check with the hospital to see if there is someone you can talk to about this. I was in intensive care for three weeks and then went to rehab for another two weeks. It was a difficult time for my family. I don't remember much because I was unconscious.

I hope your father will be okay. There is hope.

Prayers for you and your father...tough knowing such a critical health problem is affecting your father...Just stay strong for him & be strong yourself.

Today there are things that they can do for aneurysms that hey weren't able to do in the past. I am older than your Dad, and had clipping done for unruptured aneurysm which was successful. I think Moltroub has a great suggestion. Going with him to the doctor's will give both off you an opportunity to get the answers that need to be answered. I also found that I gained insight to things by looking though this site.

Do not be afraid, the doctors are amazing, just be there for him and the family

prayers for your father, hang in there, it is always darkest right before the dawn, great advice here, tc xoxo

be thankful they found it! Have faith!

Just wanted to say that I'm thinking all the good thoughts for you, and your dad.

Don’t worry. I had an aneurism shortly after I turned 30. And I’m still here. Getting better by the day.

Dear summer girl- Thank goodness they found the aneurysm. Now something can be done. Not a pleasant thought, but thinking positive is getting me through my ordeal. (I am having my aneurysm repaired this June). your anxiety and fear is normal. I find a good friend who is positive listens to my fears and encourages me to take one day at a time. This is a really good site for support. I will keep you in my prayers.

Muriel Steven said:

Well if this aneurism can be coiled I can tell you from my own experience that it was very successful. I have two 10mm aneurisms behind my optic nerves (one on the left and one on the right) and both were coiled very successfully with minimal after effects. I was pretty sick for a few days after each procedure but seem to have come thru it all with flying colors. I have had one MRA after six months and it was fine. I will go in next month for my second MRA and expect everything to look good again. Positive thinking only. BTW, I am almost 74 years old. Your Dad will be fine with you waiting for him with a big smile on your face!

Dear Ms. Stevens- May I ask how you were pretty sick after your coiling? I am having my aneurysm (behind right eye) coiled this June. I am trying to prepare my family as well as myself. I know I will be in neuro ICU for 1-2 days and dont be surprised if I have headaches, visual disturbances, cognitive issues and extreme fatigue. Thank you,

Thanks for all your stories everyone, it's definitely helped. We're just waiting to hear back from the board of neurosurgeons now to decide when they will operate and if they will do the aneurysm or the blocked carotid artery first. My dad gets really tired easily in the meantime and he can't do much at the moment. I just want them to operate as soon as they can and fix him up!!

hi, i am a 38yr old male. I had a level 4 rupture in 2004. i survived with no major damage. it was coiled. i spent 33 days in the hospital and had very little brain damage. nothing that is even noticeable. they found 4 more that are still untreated and 11yrs later i am still here walking talking and doing well.