CSF Leak

Has anyone suffered a CSF leak anytime after having surgery?

My mom did. She is getting a shunt put in right now.


How long ago was her surgery and what were her symptoms?

They say I have fluid, what kind is not know but it leaks down around my eye and the side of my face. I get liquid filled bubbles under my eye too. This had been going on daily since my last surgery in August.

Kimberly I just can't believe this is still going on with you. I too had an infection and 4 surgeries. I have been getting headaches and extreme fatigue. They suspect a CSF leak. They don"t believe it is related to the surgeries due to the time that has passed. They say it sometimes heals itself. I am waiting to see if I get better. If not, I face some lumbar punctures for testing and maybe repair.

Good luck to you and I pray it is not another infection.