I have read a few post about having to deal with crowds and wanted to share a recent experience I had. I just passed my one year SAH annie-versary. The aneurysm was coiled the following day and I had 2 stents added about 6 weeks after that. I had horrible double vision for about a month. Lots of PT working on balance.

I recently went to a Denver Rockies Baseball game and the crowd was difficult to handle. My problem was walking through the crowd to my seat. I got dizzy trying to weave in and out of other people. I was with my husband and my adult son so I had my son 'blaze a trail' and lead our way through the crowd and I held onto my husbands arm. I focused on my son's back, held onto my husband and made it to our seats. I did leave our seat alone to use the restroom. I just stopped and waited for the crowd to clear.

I thought this might help others that end up in the same situation.


HI kathy...Thanks for sharing ... ~ I loved going to events, etc., and was so outgoing before my has been 18 months so I am better with crowds...but nothing like before my when there are too many people...the noise echo's in my head...and it hurts ... so mostly avoid them ... because it hurts too much...