Covid Vaccine Safety

I have two unclipped inoperable brain aneurysms. I’ve read that people with cerebralvascular disease should not get the Covid 19 vaccine. Any thoughts??

Welcome @Patty23! I would definitely check with your PCP. Having just had my follow up for the new Atlas Stent put in back in December, I was told that I can get a shot when my age group comes up. The only thing I was concerned about was my allergies and found out that my Neurosurgeon has allergies as well and has done fine with the shot. Not sure where you read that folks with untreated aneurysms shouldn’t get the vaccine, I would be interested in knowing if you care to share.

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Thanks so much for your response. I have checked with my neurosurgeon and PCP and neither is unable to tell me whether it is safe to get the vaccine. No one wants to commit to a definitive answer. There was a doctor only 56 years old who got the vaccine and died of a brain aneurysm the following day. I see things like that and that my physicians will not give me an answer or explanation and start wondering if I should take a chance. I do want to get the vaccine but it seems that there is no one who cares to help. I really appreciate your advice and hope to somehow navigate this site. I just signed up and am already having trouble getting around the different areas. And thanks Moltroub for changing my tag. That was nice of you to do so. Well I’m going to try to follow up tonight and see if I have better luck navigating the website.

Patty23 it’s interesting someone would rupture after they received a vaccination shot. I’m guessing the doctors can’t say with all certainty because there is just not enough information yet.

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Hello there, Patty!

Welcome to the BAFSupport forum. Seenie here from ModSupport.

It’s difficult when your physicians are reluctant to advise. Have you done a search of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation website to see whether they have any specialized advice for Brain Aneurysm patients regarding the vaccine?

While I can understand why this might make you uncomfortable, it doesn’t automatically mean that the vaccine was connected to the rupture of the aneurysm. There was also an American lawmaker who got the disease, and died of an aneurysm rupture. But those peoples’ aneurysms might have ruptured anyway, even if they hadn’t got the vaccine or the disease. (And that probably wouldn’t make the news.) But it’s not silly to ask the question, and I hope you are able to find an answer that “feels right” to you.

Because of medications I take for my rare disease (I’m not a BA patient), some public health experts have suggested that people like me should hold off taking the vaccine. I discussed this with my specialist, and she said exactly what I was thinking: “I’d sooner take my chances with the vaccine than with the disease.” Covid-19 can be very nasty, and it can have very long-lasting after effects. The vaccine side effects aren’t likely to be as bad as the disease, so I will be having the jab when it is offered to me. But it’s a personal decision.

Be sure to post if you find any good information!


PS, Ben’s Friends operates this support community on behalf of the Brain Aneurysm Foundation. Have you visited their site? Lots of interesting things there.

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A quick look at a couple of major health agencies, one in the US and the other in the UK, produced this:

Where did you read that?

Seeniefrom ModSupport

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To ModSupport thank you for your most enlightening and helpful information. I appreciate your taking the time to address my concerns and I am now leaning toward a positive look at getting the vaccine. I contracted the flu many years ago and I was so sick from it that I ended up I. The hospital. I can just imagine what this horrible disease would feel like. Thank you so much.

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Hi! Iris here, nice to meet you!
I had an aneurysm rupture in Oct. 2017 and got an operation for an implant (coiling) and am now stable.
I was unsure if I was in the category at risk (for priority lane on the anti-Covid19 vaccine) and asked my Neurosurgeon. So my question to him was not if it is safe to have the vaccine but if I was considered belonging to the category at risk and should get the vaccine early. He said that if my aneurysm was not treated yet, I would be in the group that are considered priority-at risk. But since I’m stable, this is not the case.
I deduce that it is not dangerous for us to have the vaccine, but again, there are so many opinions online on this that I actually logged in today here to see if anyone in this Group had some more information.
Please, if you have, do share them with us all :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!

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I’ve been absent for awhile on this site. Actually, I can pinpoint it. My 31 year old daughter had 10 bilateral PEs and I’ve been distracted. Anyway, regarding the vaccine. I had my first vaccine in late January, after I was diagnosed with a large DVT in my leg (calf, knee, thigh). I was on Eloquis at the time. Made me nervous since I had one unruptured aneurysm (and a brain bleed, but not caused by the aneurysm) in 2012. I have a second annie being followed. Irony abounds. Several weeks after my first vaccine, approved by my PC and neurosurgeon, I developed antiphospholipid syndrome. NO ONE thinks it’s from the vaccine. Wishful thinking on my daughter’s part because now she needs to be tested, too. Anyway, I was switched to Lovenox and Warfarin to get my INR between 2.5 and 3.5 for the second vaccine. No problem whatsoever, knock wood. (I had Pfizer.) I will see my neurologist and have an MRI in June, then they’ll give my hematologist input re blood thinner choice. Truthfully, I’m a wreck being on anticoagulants again, but I don’t see any way out of it. Saw a vascular surgeon, too, who said that a long-term filter wasn’t an option for me.

Glad to see you back, but I wish it was under better terms! Thanks for answering about the vaccine. My, you have been through a lot! I hope everything works out for both of you.

All the best,