Could this be a brain aneurism?

woke up with a horrible headache, i could barely see all the whites in my eyes were blood red, my pupils looked like pin holes. i was out of it for 3 or 4 days, this was a few weeks ago. could this be an aneurism ?

I don’t know about that, but it is good to tell your MD if you suffer any extreme headaches.

Thank you for responding. I have been very concerned I will make an appt. To see my doctor. Shirley

Always listen to your body,you know it best. Also be your own advocate. Had i not been consistent i would most likely not be here. I had one Neurologist tell me after a mini stroke that only people in ther 70’s have stokes …i ran from him as fast as I could. A simple MRA with a new neurologist that is great i was told i had a aneurysm and a large one at that…i called the other neruo back and tld him yes my name and age have a brain aneurtysm…hopefully next time a blonde walks in his office he will think out sidde of the bloke. He called that day at 5 pm sharpe total valdation…priceless

Please go to a doctor and find out!!!

NEVER take a chance with your LIFE. Go ASAP & in fact, I know, in hindsight, to go for TWO …This is THE ONLY LIFE YOU HAVE. My ‘annie’ was idiopathic but I had ALL the ‘warning signs’ & my primary doctor told me not to worry… Mine was, by all tests, going to happen anyway…but I had THE BEST medical care in the deep south.