Coiling, Recovery

Does anyone have specific info on how long it takes to recover from a coiling procedure? I just had a coiling less than a week ago and I am not recovering like I thought I would. I am weak and tired most of the time and I feel it is not what I though it was gonna be. Most info I read said it was quick and much less complicated than getting a craniotomy.

did u have a ruptured anny? my own experience was a 5mm ruptured anny…oct 09…i was in the hospital for two weeks…being closely watched for vasospasms…released n returned to work 4 wks after that…6 wks all together…slept alot…thats a major experience for your brain 2 go thru…a lil dizzy n was not allowed to drive for the 4 wks at home…beingcareful not to rush it…i laugh about it now because i tried driving at 3 wks n ran up on the curb…thank God i wasnt too far away from home…i will keep you n my prayers for a successful recovery n wonderful yrs 2 come…it does happen.slow n easy my friend

I had coiling after a ruptured aneurysm 2 years ago (labor day). I was in the hospital 3+ weeks. They said that I would be doing everything after 3 months. What they meant was Activities of Daily Living. It is 2 years this coming week and I am almost back 100%. The % that is not back, no one really notices but me. Things are different but really good. Hang in there, everyone is different. Give yourself time, remember you did have brain surgery. The procedure is considered “easier” but you still need to recover. XOXO

I did not have a rupture. But the coiling was tricky. I am just surprised that I have not bounced back as the info I read said I would. Most info said “one day procedure for unruptured aneurysm”, back to normal next day kind of thing…even my doc said 23 1/2 hour hospital stay. It was 3 days…been home a week and still very weak.

Key words, HAD & RECOVERY! I had my coiling July 30,2010, in the hospital 30 hours, home for 10 days and back to work as a Physical Therapy Tech. I work 4 - 12 hr shifts. But 2PM every day I was exhaustee, when I got home, I ate and went to bed. Slept 1 day on the weekends. Got headaches about 3 months after surgery, was put on meds. Gained 30 lbs, weaned myself off meds in March 2011. By May 2011, I was 100% myself again. It took almost a year, which my dr had said. I still have a 3mm, that, well, ok it’s there. Nothing I can do about it. Enjoy life, it is a gift. And a gift to share. We are all here for you!

I had a failed coiling and instead am the recipient of the new PED which is done just like the coiling, up the femoral artery. I am 3 months post op and although I have been back to work for 2 months, still fight fatigue a lot even though they told me 2 weeks recovery.

From what I've learned from others, you just need to listen to your body and do what it says. Rest and take care of you until you don't need to anymore.

Best of luck to you!


Just want to thank everyone for their responses. I am very tired again today and did not sleep well. I guess Im just a disappointed that this is not going like I thought it would. My work is very physical and I am very active and now I feel like an old fart waiting to die...... I need to provided for my family and this is all holding me back. I am in construction and times are tough as it is and I am loosing work and jobs Im a little down. Yes I am glad to be alive and grateful this was found early. But still I am stressed about all my obligations and my family.

As difficult as it is, you have to be patient with yourself. You had a procedure performed on your brain and it will take time to heal. Listen to your body and rest when you need to rest. It will get better. I had my coiling done 4 weeks ago and I am still fighting fatigue and headaches but I look at every day as a gift and just keep moving forward. We are all so lucky to still be around. And remember, you are not alone, we are all behind you! Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!

Peace, Catey

Thank you all again for ur kind words. I am now 2weeks since coiling with a stent. I am very weak and tierd. that is my biggest frustration .

Hang in there, it does get better. Be careful when you drink something cold, brain freeze, is horrible. It feels like someone jammed a metal stake in your head. No one knows what happens to your brain when they are in there messing around. So that’s why you are so tired. At least the coiling and stent cannot reject. Do you mind me asking how old you are? My dr. told me I had my annies’ for 20 to 25 yrs.

I had my coiling in June 2011. I was in the hospital for 23 days due to vaso spasms and my bleed. I went back to work part-time in mid- July and full time in August, but I still get exhausted everyday and have to have a nap everyday and a good sleep most of either Sat or Sun on the weekend (used to sleep the whole weekend). I can see progress, but fatigue and weakness is the main frustration with me too. But if I get too tired, I get shaky and weak, so, I think it just takes time and patience to work up to your old self. So, go easy on yourself.

Best of luck to you and be patient, I still get a bit freaked out when I realize how close I came to being in a box and instead of people saying, "wow you look great," they'd be saying, "gee, we'll miss her."

Hi matter what...coiling is still surgery...and someone was up in your brain and really no one knows what the actually effects...if it helps when I had my coiling done...I was in ICU for 7 days and almost 2 months until swelling on my head came down...I had horrible headaches and was so exhausted I slept is part of the process to it is 9 months later...and I am sooooo oh much better...give it time...and get lots of rest...if you feel like something feels or is getting worse, call the Doctor...

Cyber~hugs and Healing thoughts your way...Colleen

Thank you all again so much for the kind words and wishes. I am 55yrs old (male)I own a construction business and yes it is down due to the economy, which is why I am so stressed about being tired and fatigued....I cannot rest and feel I must work or loose everything I have.....but its frustrating when just walking up and down stairs makes you feel so tierd....

I had coiling done nov 2010. Back to work full time 5 weeks later. It’s been 10 months and I still get tired and have daily headaches, everyone is different. Rest and listen to your body

Woke up today 3weeks after coiling and I am really exhausted…starting to worry.

Call the Doctors, but don't be surprised if they tell you this is normal...healing takes time...

and rest is a big part of it...Cyber~hugs colleen