Coiling and Cold weather

Is it normal to have pressure headaches after coiling in cold weather?

I don’t know. I was outside this morning 20dF here in NC warmed up to 40, my arthritis is talking to me, and my pins and screws in my back aren’t happy with me, but I ignore them anyhow - my head nope no pain, I did have to take a long nap and my dog laid her head on my carotid artery in my neck. That always helps alleviate headaches, sometimes she knows I have them before I do. But if I have a headache from my coiling, I feel it in my neck and put a cold washcloth on it. Something they taught me in ICU.

Hi Melissa,

In cold weather, blood vessels constrict to preserve heat within the body. When constricting, the blood vessels would presumably constrict around the coiled area thereby creating a pressure feeling and possibly pain. Hope this answer helps you somehow feel better or more comfortable.


Thank you.

I usually wear 2 hats when I go for walks with my dog on cold days. I have a shunt (which is metal).

This is the area around which I get migraines if the metal gets too cold. As a rule the coiled area does not bother me.

I find that nowadays my head seems to feel the cold so much more than it used to, not just going out in the cold but also at night. I sometimes end up putting a scarf around at night so I can get to sleep. I had never associated it with my aneurysm coiling, but perhaps that it why.

Which reminds me-did you have a craniotomy? If so, there are quarter-sized metal plates and screws holding your head together which also get cold. One of my screws came loose (for real!) and it was back to the surgeon. He removed all the screws and the plate in that area because enough healing had taken place. Of course it freaked me out- Initially I had very deep scar lines but they've filled in over time; somewhat - not completely.