Closed Eye after coiling

I just had an aneurysm coiling procedure this past Saturday. Before surgery my right eye completely closed and hasn't opened since. I had the aneurysm on my third cranial nerve which I have read has something to do with the eye closing. I would like to see if anyone else has been through this and if so, how long it took for your eye to open up again. Is there anything I can do to help my eye open?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi after my first Aneurysm my right eye was closed it was twenty years ago i think my right eye anyway the pupil in that eye is bigger than the other eye, I wore a patch over my eye looked great 8 months pregnant half my hair shaven off and a patch over my eye. I visited my local Dr whom was acturally present at the clipping of my aneurysm he said take the patch of and gradually your eye should open and it took a while but did I suffered a stroke during or after the operation so i think thats why it closed.

Hope i might of helped u I know how hard it is and so many different opinions, we need to exercise our eyes just like our body I cannot look up or down or side ways without my eyes going crooked but if i exercise my eyes it strengthens them and helps me move them much easier and they stay straight.

God Bless

Always with us



Thanks for sharing your story Shelley. It makes sense, I guess I do need to exercise the eye like anything else. Any vision problems?

No vision problems, only had them checked a few months ago he was the one that told me to exercise them by looking up and down without moving your head looking up the hardest it feels like they are going every where no strength. Go and see an optomistrist they might help.

Yes, the third cranial nerve works the muscles that open the eyelid and move the eye up, down and inwards. If the eyelid droop wasn't there you would probably have double vision. If you lift the lid you may find the eye turned out (due to pull of the muscle supplied by the 6th nerve). It may be your aneurysm was pushing on the nerve or affecting the blood supply to the nerve. The nerve structure is likely to still be intact so the nerve cell can recover or regrow if the aneurysm reduces in size with time. I was also told there would be swelling after coiling as the would be inflammation around the clotted aneurysm that could make symptoms worse initially and cause headaches.

I had some problems before surgery, but as several nerves were affected and none completely I did not have the eyelid problem. I had lots of double vision though which made life difficult and driving impossible. It improved after about 3 months, but I still have some double vision when looking up, though not enough to interfere with life (or driving!). I think it reached its best at about 9-12 months. As your eyelid lifts you may find you get double vision. If so see an ophthalmologist (eye specialist) as they may be able to give you prism glasses to improve things.

It is really early days in your recovery. Brain/nerve recovery can seem slow, but do not despair it keeps improving with time. Take lots of rest and try not to push your brain too hard at first, it'll only make the tiredness worse.



After my first Clipping this last December, everything came out fine, both eyes came through great.

However two days later, after the angiogram relieved an other hidden aneurysm, they had to do clipping number two.

Right eye not so good, pupil would not change with light, lid was sticking and when I looked in the mirror,

the left eye was looking right back at me, but that right eye was looking at some cob web above the top right corner of the medicine cabinet.

Not so good for an electrician who works inside 480 volt motor control centers.

The first word out of my ophthalmologist's mouth was "BUMMER". We can hope, but I don't think it will come back.

My neurologist was far more optimistic, OH THAT WILL COME BACK IN ABOUT FIVE MONTHS.

FEAR NOT, PPHNXXSUN. IT DID and have faith yours will too.

Within 3 months my eye came back into position, I still have double vision out around the edges, that he also assures me will return in time. My vision is still a little blurry in that eye but it is coming around.

It is tough for me to get my head wrapped around the REALITY that this Brain Surgery thing is a 1 to 2 year heal.

Wear a path when driving, but for the most part keeping it moving helped for me. I put the patch on and off a lot in the beginning, and it slowly became less and less.

Here is the deal.

THERE IS NO PLAY BOOK FOR THIS SHIT AND EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Your not going to get a pat answer from anyone, especially the DR'S.

Give it time, try and stay CALM, It is tough, but try and keep the stress from bringing anxiety and disrepair into your head.

That's where I'm at now, and getting my head back to clear and positive is proving to be a bigger issue than

a messed up eye.


God's speed to ya,


Yep, Love what Gibbs said, 'ain't no playbook , what he said is essentially how things went with my left eye after my 1st clipping (which had snapped my third optic nerve before surgery) was another one of those 'in time' type of things, and yep, in time (4 to 5 months) my eye was back to 'normal' again, and no worse off then before. I could see out of it finally with both eyes open at once and even the dialation was back to what it should've been but that was a long 5 months getting there! (talk about 'the look'--spooky -- my left eye was dialated and cast over towards the left, looking downwards, but I could see clearly out of it if I covered the right eye --just couldn't physically move the left eye and together it was pure double vision) glad when that finally cleared itself up! Hang in there, Janet

Hi and Again Welcome to BAF ~

This happened to right eye drooped and then like your's completely closed...about 1 month after the coiling it started to open ... but still drooped for many months even my right side of face it is better, but if I start to get migraines or am extremely tired it will droop again...mine has a lot of stabbing pain in that eye too...I have learned to live with it...but the pain can be intolerable, going to talk to my neurologist in August...I will keep you posted...Continued Healing thoughts your way ~ Colleen

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