What should I expect recovery wise from clipping an unruptured annie including hospital stay and early days at home? How long should my hubby be home to help?

Hi Fiona,

After five days in the hospital after my clipping I was off work for 3 months. My husband was home with me for the first week after surgery and good friend came each day the following week and then I had friends stopping in the following couple of weeks to visit, share a meal and take me for my daily walks.

The pain from the surgery was minimal, I did however have bad sciatica from the long surgery and laying around, also constipation from all the drugs so drink lots of water when they will let you.

Best wishes to you and your family.


Hi Fiona,

I'm doing okay in week 5 of clipping for 3 annies. I was in ICU only 1 day then regular room for 3 days then released. I had 2 full weeks recovery at my sisters home. I went home from week 3 until now where my teens are great caregivers. I really napped and slept quite a bit the first two weeks. I have become more cognizant and required less narcotics these last few weeks.

I would recommend a couple weeks for hubby then friends/family to pop by daily after that.

Will keep you in my prayers.

Blessings Sal


I had a craniotomy done on Wednesday night and was out of the hospital Saturday afternoon. My wife was hom with me for about 10 days after and since I got off of my prescribed pain medication after a week, I was able to drive. She would have stayed longer but I seemed to be okay without her there.

Hi Fiona, good to see you !

I was in the hospital a total of 4 days for each of my Craniotomies...After my last clipping I was able to walk the 1.75 miles around the reservoir near our home on my 2nd day, and did so with ease. My husband was on a job for the 1st week after my surgery but that was fine, I didn't need assistance around the house at all....and for the pain (which was from them cutting my skull open and the healing effects of it, no other pains , headaches were non-existant for me really) I took Advil Liquidgels. I seriously didn't need anything stronger then that. Glad to hear your surgery date is finally nearing, prayers to you for a very eneventful surgery and excellent, fast recovery, Peace, Janet

I had 2 BA's clipped at the same time. 8 hour surgery on Friday went home Monday. Did not like how the narcotics made me feel so stopped taking them on Tuesday, used ice packs and tylenol for pain. Started walking the halls while in the hospital and continued to walk when I got home.

All the best with your surgery and recovery...sending healing energy your way.

Thanks everyone, all good advice. Hoping I heal just as well as most of you.