Clicking sounds in my head

Hi All,

I had clipping of a small brain aneurysm in May 2013. I have been recovering really well after some initial postoperative complications. Over the last couple of days I can hear clicking sounds in the area of my surgery. Mostly when I move around..sometimes I can reproduce the sound by gently pushing on the right temporal bone. I have no headaches at all.

Anyone else with this experience ? Any ideas on why and do they go away ?


Thanks Jim...I did email Dr Ogilvy..he said the same...I guess I'll have to get used to it for a few months ..

Ashhan, it was strange. I had a clipping done a little over a year ago. When I had gone back for my first follow-up after surgery, my neuro-surgeon asked me "Do you hear the clicking?" I almost cried. My husband thought I was crazy because I kept telling him I could hear the clicking in my head and he assumed I was imagining it. I was just so relieved that I was not crazy that I never asked what or why. So yes, it is real, and it does go away. It lasted about 3 weeks for me :)


Yes, I experienced the clicking as well. I was told that it is the bone swelling going down and that it is the titanium plates rattling. I mostly heard it when I walked on concrete with bare feet. It didn't last very long. I don't have a temporal bone any longer it is all titanium so I try not to put pressure there, if I put pressure there it becomes very sore and I get a headache. Praying for a great recovery.

Take care,

~ Carol

Thanks Carol...Hopefully my clicking will also be over in 3 weeks !

Thanks for the response symptoms are similar..hoping that they will improve soon...


Very thin ligaments and muscles could can snap around the area as you move your jaw, smile, frown, whatever over any cut bone. It's likely nothing to worry about and may resolve over time.


Thanks Ed. I am hoping it will resove soon. It doesn't hurt but is definitely distracting ! and I return to work on Monday....

When I first heard it, it freaked me out because I have 2 clips on my aneurysm, I thought they were clicking together when I walked. I don't hear it any more at all. It has been 10 months since my surgery. I am sure it will go away soon for you, just don't push on your temple any longer so it doesn't stay loose.

~ Carol

I am 3 years post surgery from my second aneurysm. I still hear the clicking. Does that mean it isn't healing? Had many problems during and after surgery, still am experiencing issues.