Cerebral angiogram

i have had a whooshing pulse noise in my left year for almost a year and have had an mri and mra that both came back clear. the noise is still there and i have also had a ct scan to check the temperal bone. i wnet back to my doctor and she suggested a cerebral angiogram. i am terrified toget it because of the risk of stroke. has anyone here had one? i have no idea if i should even go ahead wth this test since the others came back clear. i am afraid the other tests missed something though so i want the angiogram to know for sure if i have an avm or anuerysm. i dont know if it is worth it though just in case nothing is really wrong…but then on the other hand the other tests may have missed something and it would be worth it…does anyone have any iinsight…would you get one?

Well let me tell you a little bit about myself…I had an MRI/MRA in January, 2007 that was fine but my Angiogram on 02/01/07 showed that my aneurysm was approximated 30% , I will use the word larger, and I needed to be clipped. My coiling 08/06 was unsuccessful. Let me also tell you that I had 3 angiograms which only showed the 1 ACOM aneurysm and when I had my clipping surgery in 05/07 my surgeon found a second aneurysm, this one a PCOM. So I hope this helps you. No one can tell you what to do. It is a matter of risks and benefits from what you can learn from this angiogram? If you don’t have the angiogram then will you continue to wonder if there is an AVM or aneurysm in your head? I hope others have some thoughts for you too for mine is only one story.

I have had a cerebal angiogram done, ite was done after I was diagnosed and before I had surgery to give the Dr a clearer picture of size, shape, location of aneursym and if there were anymore. I was a suitable candidate for the coil surgery which I had done in 12/09 and the angiogram picked up a smaller aneursym that the MRI/MRA didn’t find. I had no complications, the worst part is laying still for hours because they go through the femoral artery in the leg and you have to lay still for hours afterwards. The Dr. did mention the risk of stroke but I figured I was in good hands if God forbid that was to happen.

Hi Melissa,

Here is my story, I have had 2 angiogram’s warned of the risks of stroke. The first one should the ruptured annie, and four others. 2002 they operated on the ruptured one and another one they considered huge. I had one a year ago after to check on blood flow and one of the annies the Dr. didn’t operate on in 2002 because it was too small.

In my opinon the Dr.'s always prepare you for the worst, with that said, I agree with Jim.

I understand that you are scared and that is normal. No one can make this decision but you and your family.

God Bless

Hi Melissa

I had a coiled and stented aneurysm a year and half ago. About 6months later I heard my pulse in my ear. (I'm not sure if that's what you are talking about). I had an MRI & MRA of my Carotid artery and it showed nothing. I went to an ENT who was aware of my history. He said I already had all the tests he would recommend and from his experience this eventually becomes less loud and goes away when complications are ruled out with MRI/MRA's . I also went to my neurologist and he too recommended just the MRA/MRI. After a few more months he was right it went away. I had an angiogram 1 1/2 weeks ago as a follow up to my coiling and stenting (not because of the noise) and thankfully everything was normal and the aneurysm is gone. However the wound does not seem to be healing and my Dr. said to but bacitracin on it and to call him in a week but we are both concerned about infection. I had two previous angiograms and it never took this long to heal. My understanding is that there is a small risk of strokes with angiograms. Everyone's situation is different but I hope this helps you in making your desision. I would seek the opinion of the neurologist.