Has anyone none had this problem. Woke up Tuesday morning and my sutures were leaking fluid my lymph node behind my ear was swollen and my eyes were swollen shut.

I would see a doctor asap, tc prayers for you xoxo

Tessa, I echo Ron! Loudly!!! Get to a doctor. My partners mother had cellulitis from surviving a double radical mastectomy. Anytime and every time, hers flared up, she had to have some major antibiotics.

I took your advise and made my appt. They took out my stitches and by the time i got back to my house about 2 hours my incision had totally opened up. You can actually see the metal in my skull. I go back on Friday for a consult with a plastic surgeon in order to find a way to close the hole in my head because there simply isn’tenough skin to sew back together. IIt’sstill draining. CCan’t wait to see some improvement. I’m tired of going backward.