CBD OIL relief?

Has anyone tried any of these oils for headache relief?
I have tried everything under the sun. Had to go to detox after becoming addicted to opioids while under doctors care.
Meditation, yoga, acupuncture, vitamins, massage, exercises. Tried them all.
12yrs since the ruptured aneurysm

Hello, Don’t often post or eply here anymore. Survivor 2004 and helped in nthe beginnings of all this. Anyway, I’ve consoladated my meds as much as possible to the CBD’s, topical, ingested and I even smoke them (Old Hippy :slight_smile: ) With the headaches and internal (gut) stuff I’ve found a better level of pain control (for myself) using CBD’s then ever before. Coming up on 13 years of sobriety and was completely clean and sober for about 7 years. They legalized CBD’s and THC in my state and I decided to give it a go. When I told the V.A. they cut me off of all my meds. Benzos (Larazepam) that I’d been on for 2 decades or so and a couple others. Sure glad I was secure in my sobriety because it was 2 months of hell for me. Anyway, CBD’s work for me tremendously. As mentioned feel that ingested (edibles) work better. However, the cream was fantastic after having a tooth removed. A much better remedy and w/o the side effects.

I know in speaking with others on application (not certain which ?) it works for some and not for others.