Caregiver of Survivor of Aneurysm

On July 29,2010 my husband suffered an Aneurysm.In the beginning the doctors was saying he would not survive through the night, and if he did would be physically and mentaly impaired.This is what the Doctors said. It is January 24,2011 almost 6 months past that status and he is physically stronger. The short term memory is temporarily impaired.Having a time getting disability because they look at him and think nothing is wrong.I am encouraged to see his progress as he process the situation.I have become a full time caregiver.At this time not able to work.The miracle of it all is that my husband is a miracle.I joined this sight for support and hope that I also can encourage some one to hang in there,be patient.“Know that a million mile journey starts with one step”. Take one step at a time, relax and know that all is well.That ,that is not well shall be well. Blessings to all who read and continous healing to the miricales of the mind.

welcome ,same here my one year was sat.glad to hear hes doing well.its a long road.they tell me it could be another year before it even gets it front of a jugde .i wish my mind would heal it hurts all the time best of luck to you were here if you need us linda

Yes amazing what time and patience bring. The process has been slow,yet the progress is positive daily. Appreciate the support I am rcving from this website.You will heal in time that is God’s promise.I am here in spirit even if you need me from afar.Blessings to you.Hang in there One Day at a Time!

shes so lucky to have you ,yes it is a very scarly thing to go though and to watch someone you love go though.they did the same thing to me, they even put me in a coma for a couple days.just be there for her,i will pray for her give her my best we are all here for youand her