Can't sleep!

I would probably never have thought to post anything here, but it's now 2.15am, and I still can't sleep. Whoever suggested counting sheep should start hiding, as I'm thinking terribly nasty thoughts of them,haha. Mine started whilst I was weeding the vege garden. Always suspected exercise didn't agree with me, there you have the proof. Was trying to hurry, as I had to get ready to go do an open home, ( in real estate), when wham, massive head and neck pain. I staggered around to the front yard, where my partner took one look at me, and called an ambulance. Luckily, my local hospital diagnosed me pretty quickly, so I took my 1st ride in a helicopter to bigger hospital, with specialist neurosurgical ward. They proceeded to clip, as my aneurysm had ruptured, and I remember thinking before being wheeled into surgery, that my biggest fear was coming out the other side a "vege". Ironic really, as that's where I was when it all started. I had absolutely no symptoms, had never been susceptible to headaches, so this all really came as a shock to the system. My mother later told me, she had been warned I had a 10% survival chance, though my sister joked she thought it was an extreme attention seeking ploy ( my family tends to be totally inappropriate (rely on humour) in times of strife). And, I got my sister back, she was the one who sat by my side for the weeks following op, trying to tease out strands of hair from the birdsnest of hair that had developed at the back of my head. ( Marge Simpson would have been proud!)

That was all 2 months ago now, and apart from headaches, totally unnecessary bouts of crying ( was put on a mild antidepressent 4 days ago, so will see if perpetual perkiness results), shocking sense of direction when in new or unfamiliar places, and extreme insomnia, then I'm feeling pretty good. Biggest stressor is probably not being able to work, so no income for 6 months. Due for a check up in a months time, so am hoping there are no others lurking about in there.

Friends tell me how lucky I am, when in actual fact, the thing that makes me feel lucky, is hearing about and reading accounts of people who have been affected by aneurysm to a much greater degree than I have, and still manage remain so positive and helpfull.

( Told my surgeon he could have at least thrown in a bit of liposuction or something while I was under, but he didn't seem to feel it was in his job description, lol)

Hi Anny,

It’s always good to read a success story. I give thanks to God for your success and that your recovery is going well. I do hope that the antidepressant will help with the crying bouts and insomnia.

Take care of yourself,


hi Anny-thru it all & your sense of humor is intact-u r awesome lady! Monday i will see my family dr, and ask about a sleep aid-i tried the all natural Alteril which made it difficult to fall asleep which was odd since that wasn't my problem!! if i find somethingthat works i'll let you know-bless you & yours!

I’m also a rupture, clipping survivor who couldn’t sleep. I tried some acupuncture and some herbs, they both helped a lot. The herbs are Valerian & California poppy combo from Whole foods. I use the liquid (taste REALLY bad) but I hear the tablets work well too. I tried the california poppy by itself and for me, it didn’t work as well. As soon as I started sleeping better, I felt a whole lot better all over.
Not sleeping can be so hard on everything -mind, body and spirit. Hope this helps!