Can you workout while you have an unruptured aneurysm?

Hello Everyone,

I’m 21 years old and a couple of weeks ago after a CTA I found out that I have a 3mm annie on my internal carotid artery. I’ve been referred to a neurosurgeon and scheduled to go in on Oct 16th to figure out whats next. The reason for the CTA was because I began having these terrible exertion induced headaches at the end of August caused only when I squatted very heavy weights, but once I triggered the headaches they would last anywhere from several hours to several days. I’m fairly convinced that the headaches are related to the mechanics of how I was squatting on the first day they began.

All of the research that I’ve done has led me to believe that small aneurysms are often asymptomatic and only leaking or ruptured aneurysms will cause the sudden severe type of headache that I have been experiencing. I have a had a CT done as well which showed that I haven’t had any bleeding. So, I’m wondering if any of you think that a 3mm aneurysm is the cause of the intense headaches I’ve been experiencing?

I’ve taken 2 and a half weeks off from working out now and been headache free for the majority of this rest period. I’ve been thinking about starting back today with a light workout and no heavy squatting. Is it too risky to workout with an aneurysm?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Hi Qiana, It would be best to check with your doctors before working out. Hope all goes well for you x

Hi Qiana...I am an avid exerciser...and I have one unruptured aneurysm and one coiled aneurysm...I wouldn't suggest anything until I spoke to the neurosurgeon and ask his recommendation...with the beautiful Fall weather ... get out and walk...that is always good for the body and soul...~ Colleen

hi! yes I agree with Jennifer and Colleen- you don't want to strain and put added pressure in head, theres so many low strain exercises you can do~~ have a Blessed weekend, take care!

The first neurologist I went to told me to exercise and keep busy but don’t strain.

Hi I also have a Annie of 3.3mm. I started working out and I asked my Neureologist she said as long as I am not doing heavy lifting and I don’t strain from over doing it. Talk with your doctor thought. Other than that I am able to exercise ok

Hi Qiana, I’m not sure if you’d still be able to read this message, but I just wanted to know what the next steps after meeting the neurologist were for you? I’ve recently found out about a 3 mm aneurysm in my ICA, and was wondering what to expect. I will be seeing my neurologist soon, but seeking some guidance.
Thanks for this :slight_smile:

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Hi hope all is well. 2 years ago I suffered a Giant 33mm unruptured, now coiled aneurysm. My works outs are curtailed significantly. Mostly because of fatigue. The only thing my neurologist said was no heavyweights. My age has also played a factor now at 62. Old age ain’t for the faint of heart.:joy:

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I’m trying to find a post aneurysm support group here in Jacksonville. So far the closest is in Orlando :disappointed:

I’ve been to Jacksonville back in the ‘80’s and then back through about 20 years later. Jacksonville is a big enough city I think to have a support group, have you thought of reaching out to UF Health? Maybe you could get one started!

Call or email this person over Stroke Busters Stroke Busters | UF Health Jacksonville | University of Florida Health. She may have several folks with aneurysms in her support group already.

Also I saw that The Lisa Foundation had one listed but the dates are from 2018. You might be able to use the email though Support Groups for Survivors | Brain Aneurysm Survivors Stories

The Joe Niekro Foundation has one Support Group Locations | Joe Niekro Foundation

You can call Baptist Medical Center and ask tf they know of any. Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center | Baptist Health | Jacksonville, FL