Can you fly long haul with an aneurysm?

Hey guys,

I want everyone's opinion on this. What have you been told about flying? Can you fly with an aneurysm? Is there a limit as to how long you can fly for?

I'm wanting to go on holiday but I'm not sure. My aneurysm is 8mm and behind my right eye.



Sarah, since everyone's situation is slightly different, checking with your neuro is the safest thing to do before making travel plans. This former discussion may also be helpful to you:

I hope your doctor gives you the all-clear for flying. Keep us posted.

Thanks! What about flying with an unruptured aneurysm?

Hi Sarah,

I agree with 'Dancemom'. Since every person's aneurysm is different based on shape, location, conditions of the thickness/weakness of the wall of the aneurysm, person's general health etc... I would rely on you neurosurgeon's opinion. I'm a firm believer in at least a second opinion on important medical issues too.

I had a mid-sized, bifurcating, berry shaped (with a wide base), middle cerebral artery aneurysm discovered in Dec 2013. After a local neurologist and neurosurgeon said it was OK to fly (with my specific set of conditions), I flew about 10 hours of flight time from Anchorage to Boston where I had family and had my successful surgery to fix it.

We all want our lives to go on as 'normally' as we can.

I must admit I was terrified flying those two long flights prior to having my aneurysm fixed but for me it went well and I felt no different during the flights.

Everyone's situation is different. I would rely on your neurosurgeon's advice.

Good luck.


Hi Sarah

The opinion of both my Neurosurgeon and Neuroradiologist is that there is no risk in flying in a conventional pressurized plane!

I have flown from the UK to Greece (5 hours) and Spain (3 hours) in the last 4 months, with hassles at all.

Kind Regards


With my un-ruptured aneurysm described above, I was told it was safe for me to fly from Anchorage to Boston. After my clipping surgery, on my return trip, I had slight discomfort in the side of my head that had the surgery as we descended for the landing. I was told from my neurosurgeon's office that was probably due to lingering, temporary swelling from my surgery.