Can emotional stress exacerbate an anyeurysm?

I am wondering if continual emotional stress–or extreme emotional stress–can exacerbate or cause an aneurysm.

I’m not a medical professional but I have learned that stress causes all sorts of things, including higher blood pressure, which could impact an aneurysm that has already formed.

I doubt stress in and of itself would actually cause an aneurysm but having increased stressed with any chronic condition is not a good thing.


I have met information that it can be genetic or person can be born with it and from another side it can be caused by strong stress or other factors like smoking .

In my case I have no relatives with aneurysm history , but had been smoking in the past for a 10 years and had about 2-3 years period in life that was really really very stressful . One of this factors or both created such health condition I believe .

I agree with you gk79. Both of those factors (smoking & extreme stress) were instrumental in my rupture too. My neurosurgeon was disgusted that I was a smoker. My husband told me that when I was in rehab. I told him I had no plans to continue smoking and I have kept my word for five years now. I look at smokers and just wish I could shout out to them that I was at death’s door when I suffered the sah. The extreme stress issue was not known to family or friends. It was an issue at my workplace. I never did return to work.

That’s an excellent question and I’ve never ran across a study that equates stress and the worsening of cerebral aneurysms. I have two cousins, one ran a substance abuse treatment facility in Alaska, the other is a licensed dietician/nutritionist and they both feel very strongly that stress makes aneurysms worse. I’ve never had high blood pressure, outside of the Triple H therapy given in ICU. I did have an extremely stressful job. So in knowing that even the short bursts of high blood pressure can weaken arterial walls, I’d venture to say it doesn’t help. There was a study in Stroke magazine, which I cannot find, that gave eight everyday behaviors that can exacerbate aneurysms. All I could find is this article

I believe that it does.

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