Can anyone shed some light?

Hello All,

I am new to this so bear with me. My boyfriend had an aneurysm about a week ago and he is fighting! He fights the staff, is combative, is depressed, wants to escape the ICU, is confused, and tries to pull his drain tube in his brain! I am afraid he is hindering his recovery and i don't know how to get him to stop. He is an extremely BIG man and very strong...Anybody have similar challenge?...I need to see some "end of tunnel" light! thanks so much!!! Kim

No expert here but aneurysms, especially ones that rupture and lead to SAH (which is what is sounds like), causes mood swings. I was very moody initially after my SAH. I would have fits of rage followed by fits of crying and it could be the slighest things that triggered one or the other. I didn’t fight the doctors though I did want to get out of neuro ICU. What helped me was music and books on CD. Not something that’s typically with you in neuro ICU but they allowed my husband to bring it in after they saw the calming effect it had on me. Everyone’s different, so its hard to say exactly what is going on or what will work. But hopefully this will at least let you know that intense mood swings are not atypical.

Bless and thank you for the reply!

Hey Kim

Hang tough girl. What you describe is not all that unusual with SAH (I’m also assuming he ruptured). I remember being in ICU after mine and being almost uncontrollable. I was not combatitive but I could not sit or lay still and was both arrogant and disruptive to both my family and the hospital staff. I knew what I was doing was wrong but simply could not help myself. It was a horrible feeling knowing I was not being myself but I simply couldn’t tolerate where I was or who I was. If I remember correctly this went on at least a week for me. Let your light at the end of the tunnel be that he is where he needs to be right now. Things will improve with time. Be positive - your just on a rough part on the road to recovery. It does smooth out.

The first 2 weeks I don’t remember but am told I was quite the challenge, if it were fastened to my body I’d pull it out. I think it is all part of the brains early reaction to the injury. But once you get to the point where you know what day it is, it flows better. And the only thing you worry about is balance, double vision, and this wierd sensitivity to light.

I was the same after my surgery. I was scared and wanted to escape and fight although I didn’t know I was doing it at the time They had to tie me down. I was on so many drugs and in pretty bad shape but got better after two weeks and more improvement at a month. I have heard stories of what I did and I can’t hardly believe it. My poor family and care takers. But things are great now for the most part.

Excellent! I am and will…and thanks!!

Ahhh, well, it seems people have different symptoms or reactions I should say yet people seem to concur, they are short lived…I am happy to hear that! Thanks so much!!!

Wow!! I am glad to hear that you have recovered…and thank you for the reply!

???t he hospital ,they put me in a coma ,i had a breathing machine they tired my hands down,i cant believe the hospital is not giving him anything to keep him quiet. make sure they give him something for the depression when he goes home ,and truthlly he is proprey afraid also its a scarly thing

I have been coiled, clipped and had a post operative bleed but what stands out is the night I was coiled, no ICU bed for me so I stayed in the PACU and I was put in restraints. I realize that it was for my own benefit. I even comprehend “medical necessity” but I will never forget that time when I was restrained. It was August, 2006 and it is as though it was yesterday. Wish I could block it from my memory.

Wow, ok thank you! I was thinking the same thing, why they couldn’t they induce a coma…I am not happy with the hospital…

Wow, I am sorry to hear that but you are ok now?..He was “clipped” as well…He is a very big man and they’re scared of him.

I have some deficit and I have a hard time accepting what I call “the new Donna.” When I think about the memory that I had and the short term memory I have now it upsets me. That is only one piece. Somedays I wish I could just be myself, who I was before August, 2006. Reality is that we can’t go back, we can only go forward. We have to accept the cards we have been dealt and be grateful to be alive. However that is easier said than done. There are many stories on this site. People who have it worse than us. People who end up better than us. But we all share one thing, that an anuerysm has touched our lives, either our own or our loved one. We need to support each other and try to help others pick up the pieces and put their lives back together. I think that most of us have good days and bad days and I hope and pray that there are more good days than bad days for all. The truth is it doesn’t matter if he is big or small. I have been in a situation where it took five of us to hold down a 115 lb. 19 year old brain injured woman until she was medicated to calm her. Honestly I believe that they should be used to caring for people in this situation. I am sure it makes it harder for you when you think that they are scared of him. Oye I am going on and on and I am not sure why. I think that as time goes on it will get easier for you. God bless.

Thank you Donna for taking the time to tell me this…I just want him to get better and be ok.

im, how is he doing?i hope better its a long road,it took me 5 months just to start feeling half way right.he will get there god bless linda

Hello Linda and thanks! He is still in a lot of pain, a lot! He says he wants to die and can’t take it much longer…He is still in ICU but they say they want to move him upstairs for a week or so for PT etc. I am worried about him but I can’t go to hospital as much as I would like because I work 2 jobs…Anyway, I am just trying to be there for him as much as I can, try and text or talk with him daily and just tell him to hang on! Bout all I can do at this point…his aneurysm happened only 12 days ago.

does he have family or anyone else for him ,they need to give him something for depression because i felt the same way.where do you live?hes got aways to go.good luck honey

His mother is there 24/7…I will be bringing that up next time I visit! thanks so much!!!