Brother and Sister

My brother and sister have both had an aneurysm…someone told me thereis a test to determine if I am in line for an aneurysm…can anyone tell me if there is such a test…thanks


Genetic testing, but that would be a discussion with a Neurologist. Because your siblings were predisposed, it would make a stronger case for you to meet with a Neurologist and discuss your options. Good luck.

Hi and Again Welcome Darrell...

MRI/MRA...Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen

thanks…have a call in to my Cardiologist…he will guide me to the right person,…thanks again and have a great day

I think the protocol would be regular screenings via MRA - my dad and I both have dealt w aneurysms, and it’s been recommended that all my siblings get MRA’s - no mention of genetic testing…

thanks…but I am not familiar with the MRA…is it similiar to an MRI?

An MRA is an MRI with dye to look at the veins and arteries in your brain. Not really invasive like an angiogram and is usually the test they do first. Any doctor can order this test - my PCP ordered it and when they detected the aneurysm is when I was referred to the neurosurgeon.

Good luck and hope you have it soon to ease your mine.