Botox Injections a must

Hi, I haven't been on here for such a long time. I am in Australia but I thought I would share something with you all. Although your country is probably already advanced in this treatment. This is not a cure for me by far as there are more complications but I do get massive relief from this....I have been having Botox injections in my head now since July 2015 for severe migraines caused through the multiple aneurysms I have now from 5 years ago, a survivor of a subarachnoid haemorrhage and 10 months following that a craniotomy to clip 2 others. Following these events I was suffering a migraine headache everyday without fail, one year with 12 admissions to hospital to try and manage the pain. Since receiving the injections I have been pain free but not medication free as none of us will ever be without our meds! Lucky you if you are. Blood pressure and Cholesterol checks will always need to be watched. So I if you are looking for an answer to some migraine free time caused from your aneurysms check out the botox when you next visit your Neurologist it's a must!

Good to know, thanks. I'm glad you are feeling much better - migraines are really incarcerating.

Hey Ronnie,

I'm really pleased you are receiving relief with the Botox, BUT, I have had 3 treatments of around 30 injections each and I did not get any relief with Botox from the debilitating headaches. I did however notice a reduction of the tension within my neck and face, but no reduction in the debilitating headaches. My neurologist also suggested a condition called cervical dystonia and injected my back/neck and shoulders with botox but again to no avail. My understanding is that Botox is great for tension type headaches, but it is my belief that my pain is not tension related and more due to the 6 surgeries, including a craniotomy, that have been performed. Each surgery has been to fix things, but each has only treated specific symptoms and not the underlying cause.

Now, I also know that some people use Botox for cosmetic purposes and some practitioners use a anaesthetic prior to administering Botox. But my neuro did not use any anaesthetic and I must warn others that the pain of administering Botox is EXTREME and although I did not have a chronic headache prior to treatment I sure as hell did by the time he was finished, there is no way I could possibly be driving post treatment. So to anybody considering this as a treatment PLEASE take a driver with you when having such a treatment.

Botox may well be a treatment option, but imo to be saying Botox is a must would be a massive stretch. I'd be more inclined to recommend each individual speak to their neurologist about possible treatment options.