Best places for Aneurysm treatment in the UK, anyone?


So background info on my first thread (Just been told I have a 'small brain Aneurysm'... but that's all I know?!) but I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good hospital for Aneurysm treatment in the UK?

I see lots of studies say it’s really important, success-wise, to go with a high-volume Nuero centre, and I read one recommendation of ideally somewhere that does over 20 operation per year (though that actual figure was just in one report I read, most that suggest anything seem to say high volume centres are generally more likely to have more experience surgeons & better success rates).. Not sure if that applies to clipping, or endovascular treatments - but I guess makes sense for both?

I’m on the NHS, not private (annoyingly had been considering private insurance about 2 months before they found the Aneurysm, but didn’t get around to it! Grrrr!).

They found my Aneurysm about 3 weeks ago, and the GP sent a referral off about a week and a half ago, but I’ve heard nothing as yet. Love that we have an NHS, but sad about wait times.

Anyway, I’ve been getting odd twinges in my left eye, which is a concern, as it’s a left ophthalmic annie (4mm). So I’m now wondering where the best place to go would be.

I’d asked my GP to try to refer me to the ‘National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery’ in London… But then I saw this thread (though it’s old): Delirium after Elected operation for clipped aneurysm and now am wondering if I made the right decision?

Can we even find out, in the UK, success rates of hospitals/surgeons or how many ANEURYSM treatments (as opposed to general or other Neuro surgery) do each year?

I’ve not got an appointment yet, so I think I may still be able to choose (current NHS rules state you can choose the hospital for your first outpatient appointment - NHS or even private if they do to NHS standards and fees).

So… anyone recommend somewhere good? Mainly I want to get the right advice (watch & wait, endovascular treatment, surgical? I’m hoping not surgical).

Also, I’ve read so many papers (tried to understand them, but can’t always), but from what I can tell, an Ophthalmic is one of the least likely to rupture, but I only read that in one paper. Anyone heard similar?

Thanks in advance - amazing to have a community of people here that are so supportive. :slight_smile:

@MartinC I think you’re in the UK? Do you have any thoughts on good centres?

Mike, try looking at other countries for studies, here in the States we have the NIH. Here’s a link, you’ll have to look around for what you want.

And you should get more info if you search opthalmic aneurysm studies or research

Mike,I know it’s been many days
since your post.Just wanted check on you, to see if you were able to get
information.Good wishes your way.

Hi Mike
As you will have seen from my posts I have 5 of these vile things, 2 treated by Endovascular means, One Opthamic and one Basilar. Both were done by Dr Wilhem Kuker at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.
Wilhelm Kuker (German) is a straight up type of man and tells the story as it is, without saying it, he understands my unwillingness to have 2 holes cut in my head to fix the other 3, he simply frowns.
He also advises that endovacular techniques are advancing year on year and tells me that what is not possible today, may be possible next year.
As an engineer who worked with Daimler Benz for many years I can relate to this gentleman and his expertise, so I highly recommend him.
I do not have experience with any other facilities in the UK, though some one whom I gave the same information too as I am giving to you, had a initial meeting with Dr Kuker in Oxford and then had a successful coiling in Liverpool. We are still in contact and there have been no issues at all.
Finally, it has been my personal choice to have 2 endovascular proceedures as opposed to open surgery, as I have been on the wards and seen the scars of open surgery and as a Scot I am not letting any Surgeon respectfully cut holes in my head, the risks are too high for me in open surgery, that is my personal choice and it should not effect your choice in any way!
My 2 endovascular proceedures are 3 years old with no side effects at all, go to sleep, wake up and job done.
I hope that this helps you somewhat and if you have any more questions, by all means ask away.
Kind Regards

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