Being Silly :)

Me being me :slight_smile: hahaha Day After Surgery 11-3-10

Its nice they left ur hair:) When I had mine they shaved my hair in sections so I was bald on the front and right side of my head and realy long hair on the back left side of my picture that yeah i was a

wait just saw u were at uic are you in chicago? That is where i had mine doneโ€ฆ

Hahaha Yes. The people who did the angio were like " :-O! We've never seen them do such an amazing and perfect job on someone! It looks amazing!"

I did have mine done in Chicago... in that... scarey... hell hole of a hospital... Here where I live our hospitals are like spas compared to that place... but I would never let a surgeon here cut into my brain!

how are you doing hope your headaches are gone