After surgery 016

many staples later : ) SOOO happy to be Alive!

Amazing!!! After all you went through…you’re still smiling and smiling BIG!!! :smiley: IMPRESSIVE!!

Your beautiful!

thats one hell of a scar they left you . I have 2 one on each side but no hair to cover plus you are cute

did you have your anuerysm in the frontal right lobe? I have the exact same cut on my head, but my aneurysm was on the opposite side. God has a plan for ya so keep on smiling :slight_smile:

i had i ruptured and one not so i have one scar on each side

JP my aneurysm was on the LMCA (left middle cerebral artery). I try to smile daily and laugh. Laughter is the best medicine.

Ernie ~ WOW did you have that done at the same time? I’m not too concerned with scar it will eventually be covered by my hair. If not that ok too : ) Makes for good conversation : )

waited 2 years

Hi NIKKI, just wanted to say hi and see how you are doing. the weather here has been so nice been spending time in sun . how has your weather been?

im glad your alive too…believe me beautiful iwouldbe honoured to have taken you just like this…yoiur smile hides everything else…hugssss…John