Basilar Tip Coils compacting question

You have certainly been through a lot in such a short time. Wow. I also had severe neck pain in the general area immediately after my first angiogram, which was only a few months after my surgery. I felt that it was related to the surgery as it was so severe and the timing. My Neuro finaly sent me to another Neuro as he could not explain it as being related. They determined no relation but I had the neck of someone about 20 years older than I. (they probably just thought I was crazy). I even had acupuncture to try to relieve. Again, we are lucky to be alive to complain about it. So, thus far no extra coils added , but with 20 packed in there already, I hope that carries me. I am due for a follow up angiogram next fall or so as they plan on following me every 2 years to monitor. I assume that is normal. We are probably all "case studies". I am so grateful that we had this condition now and not 20 years ago as they keep developing new surgical and less invasive techniques. Amazing isn't it. Stay well, and run with scissors!!


LOL! It’s so funny you would say “run with scissors!” I’m in the safety field and that’s the company safety joke!


Not sure why I did not see your reply. Sorry I did not respond earlier. You have been through so much. I hope some day we are back to normal. Sounds like they only put a stent in on your first surgery; is that correct (1 stent and no coils)? That seems strange that they would not place any coils at that time.

I actually just had a conversation with my surgeon on Friday as I had a couple vision events this past week with significant "floaters" off in the peripheral area. Last event lasted about 10 minutes and then fine. Will have MRI/MRA on Monday. I only just told him of the sounds and feeling of the coils possibly moving and compacting against one another. He does not seem to believe I would hear that as the coils are coated with a gel of some form. I know what I felt and heard, so it is difficult when those experiences are dismissed. I think the science is still generally new so there is probably not a lot of case studies out there for any of these doctors to really know. My sensations were so loud I would almost think my husband would hear them, but he just seemed annoyed as I woke him up as I screamed.

Good luck to you - what is normal??


Yes, they only put a stent in the first time. They were nervous because it was ready to burst. They were hoping the stent would stabilize it until they could coil it; it worked (thank God!) Has your surgeon had you do a complete eye exam? I’m sorry I didn’t remember this before, (my memory has not fully recovered!) but, I had edema in several locations on my brain after each surgery. This caused me to have vision problems due to the pressure. I was would have bouts of no peripheral vision, and blurry vision, mostly in my left eye. My Dr. thought this strange because my annie was on my right side. The first time I went for a complete eye exam, they said I had the beginnings of cataracts, (I was 46, never wore glasses, and always had better than 20/20 vision), so they said that’s what it was, edema and cataracts. A year later I went back, no more edema, and no more cataracts! It wasn’t a miracle; I believe the beginning of cataracts looks like fluid and swelling!

I also spoke to my Dr. on Friday. I am having B/P issues. Since my annie, I have been placed on B/P meds. My primary DR sent me to a cardiologist and the cardi Dr wanted me to go get a full brain MRA because I keep having a pain up the left side of my neck. Anyway, to make a long story short, after all this time, my annie Dr told me I have Occipital neuralgia. I had never been told this before! I looked it up and it fits my symptoms perfectly as far as the pain I’m having. Apparently, during one of the surgeries a nerve was damaged. Now I’m wondering about my memory. It can be really bad sometimes!

Anyway, I hope and pray the Dr can help you. Don’t let anyone tell you you are crazy or blow off your feelings/symptoms. You know yourself and this is a serious issue. There is a reason you are having these feelings and just because they’re new symptoms to the Dr, doesn’t mean there not valid.

Remember Diabetes was discovered in the 6th century and we still don’t have a cure, brain aneurysms were not heard of until the late 1800’s, and at that time they were only diagnosed after death. It wasn’t until 1933 that they were able to find one through an angiogram! So this is a very new and complicated discovery!

You have had so many challenges with the aneurysm. So sorry My body is rejecting me. I had never been sick, other than childhood illnesses, and never had even been in the hospital until the aneurysm. Crazy. I did have a full eye exam when I first had symptoms and they were trying to determine what was going on. The eye doctor told me I had Occular Migranes. I told him that none of the images of Occular Migranes looked anything like what I experienced and I had never really had headaches to speak of. It was really just a profit center as the rotated probably 50 patients an hour through the waiting room - from what I could see.

You mentioned the neck pain - I also started having sudden and very significant neck discomfort right after a post operative angiogram. This was about 6 months after the coils and stent were placed. I could swear it was related to the procedure as the day prior, no issues and the day following it was horrible. I inquired with my Neuro and even had accupuncture looking for some relief and nothing. Finally I referred to another Neurologist who had a specific MRI of my neck done and then told me I had Cervical Spondylosis / Spinal Stynosis between C3-C5. Basically the neck of a 65 year old. Just strange I never had symptoms before the post op Angiogram. That was over a year ago and not as severe but still not comfortable unless I hang my neck over the edge of the bed. All these things must be connected: brain, vision, neck.... Will see what today's MRI/MRA shows. I do not think we will ever feel like we are back to normal. I like to blame my memory issues on the aneurysm but that might not be totally accurate! Ha. Hang in there.