Barometric Pressure Headaches

Hi there -
Wondering two things for those of you who may suffer from barometric pressure triggered headaches/migraines post-coiling or rupture:

  • How much of a change in the barometric pressure does it take for you to be triggered?
  • What is the best form of relief you have found?

I was not a frequent headache sufferer before my head decided to explode - so this is quite a challenge for me.
Thank you!!

Great question! It seems my migraines didn’t stop for about three years or so after rupture and I never thought of barometric pressure!

OK - this may sound silly - but did they really just stop one day?? That is promising to hear. Not the three year part, of course, but that the stopping is at least a possibility.

I am one who like to solve problems, so this ‘practicing’ of medicine by these doctors is teaching me a whole new level of patience.

Hey Joanie,
Yes, barometric pressure certainly has an influence on me. I’ve often said “I can predict the weather better than a barometer”. When the weather is coming in bad it’s like I’m carrying this huge weight on top of my head affecting my eyes, my face and my top jaw. When I reported this to the medicos they decided it was a dental issue and referred me to the dentist. The dentist decided I needed to have all of my top teeth removed, but even after having those removed it continued. “Ohh, it must be your eye’s that are the issue…” so I saw an ophthalmologist and now wear glasses, but still no resolve.

For me, there is no set barometric level that triggers symptoms but sudden changes can be awful. My wife and I travelled to the UK from Australia and I thought the travel in a pressurized plane would be awful, but the long haul flights were OK. Whilst we were there we went to mainland Europe by boat, trained it from Amsterdam to Paris. Then we flew from Paris back to London and that flight damn near killed me, my head was ready to explode. My theory was that with the long haul flights my system had time to adjust to the pressures, but with the short flight, no sooner were we up, then we were backdown again and that sudden low, high ,low of the air pressure was all just too much.

The best relief for me is laying down in a darkened, silent room and an opiate. I can just go and laydown but, for me, I’ve found that although the laydown does help, there is still a lingering headache when I rise. The opiate, a low dose opiate, helps knock that ‘lingering’ bit out.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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OMG – they pulled all of your top teeth !!! I have the same areas affected – eyes, face (down the center gets the most tingly it seems) and top jaw, sinuses seem extra tender as well. I also saw a nuero-opthamologist a while ago and got the all clear from him.

Thank you for the reply @ModSupport .

Yes ma’am, I rarely get a headache now and when I do, it’s usually allergy related and during pollen season or Autumn due to the leaves falling. It was a bit of work and several attempts with different drugs at first, then an SPG block which helped tremendously for the knee dropping, hide in the closet, throwing up type of migraines. The first didn’t hurt at all the second was a different story and my Neurosurgeon was happy to hear I would never have another. After that I followed the suggestions from many members here - identify the triggers, avoid them like the dickens and then I slowly reconditioned myself to those triggers which for me was mostly light and sound. I’ve never been prescribed an opiate, I do have a benzodiazepine prescribed to take 2x/day from a neurologist that relocated after my first visit. Seems they all focused on the tremor which didn’t effect my quality of life. His replacement and my PCP were not happy with it to say the least. The replacement was a wonderful Neurologist who understood I didn’t want medication for something that had no bearing on QL. I only take it when I’m going to be around a crowd of people like a wedding. So after 3-4 years, I still have a good bit left.

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I get headaches any time the barometric pressure changes and it doesn’t matter how much of a change. What I do know is it the intensity of the headache depends on the change for me. I take tramadol and go to bed because I can’t function.


Thanks for your reply @Suszanne – I am trying some earplugs - Weatherx - that seem to help with the big changes. It is so hard to figure out the triggers when there are so many moving pieces. And sometimes, my ears feel super sensitive, so I don’t want to put those in either… I just keep trying things and hoping one day I will hit the magic combination


Great attitude and thanks for the reminder that we must always keep trying!

BIG +1 on that one @joanie.
I’ve often said “Dr’s love the A+B=C theory, but for me it’s more like A+D-CxD/E… and every one of them is variable.” All I can do is try to manage the variabilities I can, some are simply outside of my control, like the weather (and for a control freak like me, it’s infuriating :rofl:) . When you find that ‘magic combination’, can you please tell me how :wink:

Merl from the Modsupport Team