Bad side effect with topamax

I tried topamax for my headaches (10 yrs ago I had a SAH / clipping)

4 days into topamax I had horrible flu- like symptoms and had to stop. Granted, I could’ve had the flu but u think it was from the med. Anyone experience this?

What are some of your side effects?

Runny noise, itchy eyes, muscle aches , fatigue ---- just like the flu

Oh, I thought those were fibromyalgia symptoms! I’ve been on 200 mg of topamax 3x a day for quite some time now! I have all those symptoms now, but I was diagnose with fibromyalgia. I take it for seizures and migraines. I feel like crap too all the time!! My QOL is fare to none. With the Elavil and the topamax, I’m all drugged out. Thanks for the info.

Oh wow so definitely talk to your neuro about the possibility that the topamax could be making you worse!

I was on topamax for migraine prevention and had a terrible reaction. Swelling of the lips and mouth, sick to my stomach, etc, etc. weaned off of it. Also tried gabapentin, and a few other until my headache doctor put me on Namenda and it worked.

Good ,UK!