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Back pain

I am a survivor of a ruptured brain aneurysm treated with clip surgery. The rupture occurred 7 weeks ago; I was in hospital for 17 days, then rehab for 2 weeks. I’ve had my post OT and PT evaluations and was told I passed with flying colors - don’t need either. However, I have bouts of depression and continuous low back and leg muscle pain. Suggestions?

After a colonoscopy and endoscopy I was in agony for weeks with severe pain in my right hip and leg from the position the hospital staff put me in, until my sister brought me her large, infared, jade disc heating mat to use. After using it for three days straight I started to dramatically improve. My husband had a similar good outcome using the mat for his neck and back. These mats come in various sizes and are expensive. There is an issue with electrical gadgets called ELectrical Magnetic Fields, so please be aware if you look into purchasing things like this mat that it is better for your health if the items have low values of EMFs.

Another idea is Aqua PT in a warm pool. I started in May with this therapy and it has been miraculous for rehabbing my strength and reactivating muscle memory. I recently started walking short distances without assistance.

I hope you find relief soon.

Hi, I struggle with back pain periodically and see a physical therapist. He is a firm believer that moving and exercise is the only way to avoid back pain. But first, you need to diagnose the cause of your back pain -- Are you in a chair or bed all day? Have you had an xray to discount a disc problem? Is this pain recent?

I would see an orthopedist to get a professional opinion. Obviously he/she would need to get in touch with your neurosurgeon to understand the extent of exercises you can do given that you had your surgery recently.

You can get over the pain with diligent care -- that of exercise and right body movement. I speak from a lot of experience!


Gardenlady...welcome...I miss a lot of members readily...when my thoughts are 'on' or 'off' ...

Sounds wonderful you were evaluated w/"flying colors"...was it noted as 'black and/or blue'?

RE:low you mean the lumbar spine area?

What area of "leg muscle"...thigh or calf or foot? Same as any of the diagnostic data of record?

Wishing you best of each step...