Babies after brain aneurysm

I was wondering if anyone had a child after their aneurysm. My neuro said go for it but my ob said not for 6 months to a year?

I have 2 boys and I want a baby girl. Its been 3 months to my surgery and I got green signal from neurosurgeon and family dr. But my husband is scared :s :frowning:


My neurosurgeon said I can right away. then I talked to my OBGYN who said I needed to wait at least six months. I really want a sibling for my daughter but want to make sure there are no risks first. I think in May when it has been six months I will go back and talk to my OBGYN and see if there are any risks. She did say it would have to be C-section which is fine I had one with my daughter.

Hi for more information on pregnancy after a brain aneurysm we have a "Group" specifically for these women...It may help you even more ... just click below and ask to join...

Wishing you well ~ Colleen

Hi, Kaleena!

My first aneurysm bled when I was in labor with my son. After I had the aneurysm clipped in 2008, I wanted to have another child. The neurosurgeon gave the go ahead, but our family doctor thought it was a bad idea. In the end, we decided not to try for more children. We had to admit to ourselves that even if the doctors said it was okay to try, we were too scared. In my case, the aneurysm could not be 100% repaired. The hemodynamic changes of pregnancy do put added strain on blood vessels. Our neurosurgeon admitted that being pregnant again would increase my risk of re-rupture or the formation of new aneurysms.

If you are comfortable with the risks, I say go for it. You just don't want to be anxious all the time, which I realized I would be. I wish you all the best. Waiting might not be a bad idea, but remember neuros know best.