B.A.S. in Bend/Redmond, Oregon

I would like to find anyone who had a brain aneurysm in Bend or Redmond, Oregon. Maybe we can a small group or find something we can start. I am in Redmond and I had my Brain Aneurysm and a small Stoke. I would like to talk with those who had B.A. or talk to each other.

What do you think?

Hello worthy how is your recovery going im in lakeview a little far from you to be in your group but sonds like a great idea


Sorry, it took a long time read this stuff:) I'm good now. It took a long time to with my speech/language. My Aphasia still a little to go. My doc told me that I will be 80% for the rest of my life and I'm ok with this. I really love having my husband, I don't know how I would do with out me. You know what I mean?

How are you?

I am doing well thank you. Still have some issues with short term memory, and a lttle balance issue from time to time but I am over all doing good. So thankful for my wife as well she was with me the intire way thru recovering from this. Would have been real hard without her support and my kids

Well, I'm glad for you. When did you have your ba? I just want to know everyone who has or its different?

Mine ruptured October 4,2012 spent 3 weeks in bend with brain drain waiting for fluid to clear up when it didn't had a shunt placed then went home for about 8 days and got flown back to bend with an infection in my shunt so woke up with brain drain again and spent about 3 more weeks waiting for the infection to clear up with heavy antibiotics that ruined my hearing had a second shut placed and then went home to recover. Been fun not

Yikes! How do you now? Did you know Dr. Tien?

I feel I'm doing fine now.Still have some balance issues every now and then. Have hearing aids now and they help.Have a little trouble finding the words I want to say sometimes when having a conversation, I walk stiff legged sometimes but everything I can live with, without much concern. I am too hard on myself sometimes and everyone tells me don't. But easier said than done.I was able to go back to work part time in December of that year, worked part time until April and then full time from then on but maybe went back to soon full time but, worked thru it and making it work. Yes Dr Tein was my doctor. I really liked him. Had Gary Lacenmeyer and the other PA cody work on me as well. All of them were wonderful to my family and myself. I Ran into Gary, here in Lakeview over labor day weekend and have been back up in Bend for follow ups and angio's. Each time we go up there, my wife and I stop in at the ICU to say hi to everyone there. I had to stay in ICU the entire time I was in the hospital, because of the brain drain, I guess only the staff of ICU were trained in the drain so everyone who worked there then for the almost 2 months I was there, became good friends. So we like to stop in just to see them again.

How are you doing with your speech.? Are you doing theraphy to help?

I sometimes feel overwhelmed with everything thats still going on with my brain, that I wish I would wake up from this dream and be all better.But I like to rush things too much sometimes :} Have you had any luck finding any others in your area to talk to or for the group.? There were several people here in Lakeview that had a BA around the time I did, One just before mine and one while i was up there recovering. Take care of yourself, Until we E-mail again. Your BA friend, Dan.


I can't believe we have the same doc's and the hospital. I mean, we talk to about of people all over the world but this is just home in Oregon.

Sometimes I feel like I'm perfect because people have had more stuff with their BA. You are a good Survivor!

My Speech is good. My writing is getting better now and my talking are good but that will be that for life. I'm ok with it! I did lost my job after I can't talk better with them and I forget words sometimes but... My right inferior quadrant eye and hopefully DMV will let me a test so I can drive now.

It's funny because I workout a lot and my body feels good but my brain feels hu... hu... LOL! Anyway, have a good day :)

So sorry to hear you lost your job . hopefully you are able to get disability from social security to help financially? What did you do for your work thatyou weren, t able to continue to do? I hope this isn't a permanent situation for you I feel very fortunate that I was able to go back to work the one lady here in Lakeview that had aBA just before me wasn't as fortunate as isn't able to do much, I'm hoping she gets better take care for now ,your friend Dan

Hi WorthyOfLove! I had my BA ON JUNE 28 @ work and was in OHSU & RIO all summer. I spent the fall, winter and part of spring in Bend and now back in Salem, my home. I lived at my daughters along with her 4 boys and a husband fishing in AK, what a job rehabbing me. My three kids and grand kids have put aside to the max for me without even hesitating a question of helping me, not even eye surgery or the removal & replacement of a large part of my skull, (kept in the fridge until replaced). I will be visiting quite often in Bend & would love to chat. I am trying to get my brain together to start a BA in Salem or where ever I end up as it is so fab for all no matter what stage. It has changed everything of mine & would love to relate to others as friends an pals. TM

Hello TM:-)

I would love chat in Bend! Do you go to groups down in Bend? I wish I could find people that have BA/Stroke could I would talk to them all. I also had my BA/Stroke on Aug. 28, 2013. Exactly 2 mo together.

My name is usually Mandy. I'm sorry that your brain is sad sometimes and I'm really sorry that I don't talk that well now:) I can talk better but sometimes I forget stuff.

How are you?

Mandy! Love your name. I will be coming to Bend on April 26th, stay through the weekend and maybe to Wed or Thurs of the next week. I did not find any organization for any kind of BA/Sroke in Bend nor in Salem, just Portland. I would love to start one here & maybe monthly in Bend (have to figure out kind/cost of monthly trip there). My past abilities may have helped me but I’m struggling to get started correctly but desire is there. If you are able maybe we can meet while I’m there if that works for you as I would love to meet you. Share any help and hopefully some laughter! TM

:) Thank you!

I would like to meet and we can talk about stuff and like you said... laughter:) I can't drive yet but my doc said I have to take the test with dmv but I'll find out soon. Just let me know if you want to meet and let me know where. It would be fun taking about the stuff and the things we've done with our b.a..