Awareness to Brain aneurysm like ALS

I would like to start a challenge And/Or Donate the will cause brain aneurysm to be aware like ALS

do anyone has an idea ? i thought about a spoon of skhug or something else sharp

lest people donate and help brain aneurysm too

Oren, I agree, it would be great to come up with a challenge to help further awareness of brain aneurysms. I hope some people can help come up with a good ideas.

~ Carol

if people will help me ill try to develop it

ALS is important but Brain aneurysm also doesnt have lots a awareness in public, not to talk about countries out of the US (like mine)

Hi Oren...

To look at Fundraising and Donation ideas, please go to BAF website and/or click below...

Good Luck ~ Colleen

Great idea! And it should not involve wasting water imo:)