Does anyone else still get migraine auras (visual flashing light, tunnel vision or blind spots) post clipping?? .

hi I had my surgery i year ago and I to have the severe headaches, memory loss,and have ywet to find any medicine that works I to take the clonzapine.and my annie was behind the right eye which still sweels cannot take bright lights at all I live in the dark,and as far as tunnel vision I have lost all my vision except the tunnel vision cannot see anything around me,I see lines of white lights at times,or star lights as blurred.Add me to you r friends list I am a memeber for over a year love this sight, great people,the way I look at it 1 in 15 survive this trauma so we are all lucky,I do worry if I will end up blind one day, but till then I will take every chance to look at all my loved ones.They say they are side affects that sometimes go away and some of us are not so lucky.

go to a eye dr and let him examine you for glaucoma and other eye diseases, i have a cateract in each eye from the annie rupture and its just harder to see. I’ll be 2 yrs out and still get auras, thanks now i know the name it only happens when i bend over to brush my teeth.

Hi Lisa,

I am two years post clipping, I have not had a single migraine since the surgery, and I used to get them 2-3 times per week. However, I do still ocassionally get the auras you are talking about - the flashing lights, blind spots etc - they are the same as the auras I used to get right before a migraine hit ...They don't last too long for me and I generally just take a 5 minute break to close my eyes and they settle down to a manageable level

Hope this helps.

Does your doctor still tell you they are unrelated to aneurysm???

I just had 2 aneurysms clipped in July (and had Gamma Knife radiation in June to start shrinking my AVM) . I started back to work mid-August when teachers returned for our inservice & work days prior to school starting. In September, I was having frequent aura, 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I would get the migraine, sometimes not. (More likely not if I could take Tylenol and Maxalt right away). Location of theheadaches had moved, too, so my neurosurgeon had me get a new MRI, which looked good. He referred me to a neurologist.

When I finally got in to see her after Halloween, my new neurologist prescribed nortriptylene & told me to practice "good sleep hygiene" since lack of sleep is one of my triggers. Taking the new daily med & turning off the tv & computers an hour before sleep (I try a much as I can) does seem to be helping lessen the frequency of aura and/or headaches.

I did spend most of Monday afternoon hiding in a darkened room, though. The weather was changing (another of my triggers) and I just didn't feel "right." I had a slight darkening of vision, too, so I took a couple of Tylenol & crawled in bed.

Wanted to add--my neurologist says I am most likely a migraneur & would have migraines with or without the AVM & aneurysms, but the aneurysms possibly made the migraines worse.

I had the PED, not the clipping, but I have had migraines on and off since the procedure on 2/29/12. I also have floaters and blind spots in both eyes, but worse in my left eye. Never had this prior to surgery either. My platelet tests keep coming back at 100 so they keep lowering my Plavix but nothing has helped so far. Not sure if visual and migraine issues are caused by Meds or surgery. Have you had your platelet levels checked??

They have taken v ials and vials of blood! I have been tested for everything under the sun :-) I actually think they did a transfusion of platelet in the hospital in 2005!

after my clippings in 1988.. rupture on left.. one clip 2 more on right side... 3 clips... oh boy did I ever have auras (spelled right? hmmm) yes I did, with headaches, seizures,,, yes. clippings and craniotomies (spelled right? hmm) are was different that endovascular surgeries. I' have had 3 of EACH... Yep... Craniotomys (sp? sorry) are absolutely the worst...

I had ped 2 yrs ago. I have been getting auras (sparkles and visual distortion) followed by migraine ever since. I have only ever had migraine about twice before the procedure so mine must be directly resulting from having aneurysm or endovascular procedure in some way.