At 63 a smack in the head

I fainted & seizured & was taken by ambulance to the local hospital. 2 days later I was transported to Stony Brook University Medical Center where i had all 3 aneurysms coiled and 2 stented, done in 2 separate surgeries thru the groin. They are not sure if the seizures had anything to do with the aneurysms but I am on Keppra for the time being. When I was taken by ambulance my blood pressure was very low and could have caused me to seizure.

I've been home a week today & the worst thing i've had to deal with is depression and anxiety and I think most of that is due to other health issues brought to light during my hospital stay for the coiling & stenting.

I know how lucky I headaches, no ruptures, but I am having a hard time with the shock of it all and the new news that a nodule was found on my right lung....waiting is very stressful....I look forward to your happy stories and encouragement. A positive outlook means everything.

Merry...welcome....and, prayers for good recovery for are blessed to not have headaches, or is amazing that you fainted and seizured w/no were blessed...

Prayers for you for your continued positive results extending to the diagnosed nodule... A positive outlook means so much in everything we do...


Hi Merry and Again Welcome to BAF ~ Continue your positive attitude ... it helps you to heal...not to mention lots of rest... Hang in there and sending positive thoughts and prayers about the nodule on your right lung...~ Colleen

thanks so much for your reply, Colleen and your kind thoughts...very much appreciated.

Thank you, Pat....I am Blessed ...trying to stay upbeat on the nodule thing....waiting is so hard....& stressful. Thanks for taking the time to comment

Hello Merry !

You're having to deal with so much right now--and i'm sure the nodule situation is quite frightening (and to be diagnosed during your aneurysm ordeal -- wow, nothing like dodging bullets to keep you on your toes !)

I hope for nothing but peace as you have to wait this out, and so glad to know you're healing with your coiling and stents.. Janet

Thanks so much, Janet! The nodule thing is very frightening to me and waiting for a diagnosis creates much anxiety. At least the aneurysms were found & fixed with no time to dwell! Today I spent on the couch...tomorrow I hope to be back on my toes!

welcome and hope everything else goes great for you. all to scarey for sure I had 2 and 1 burst, coma for 47 days , sezures to stent and trake in my throat, stroke now other one is growing but cant do surgery way to dangerous were its at. your not alone sweetie prayers are with you :) hugs and keep us posted

I guess we all have our crosses to bear, Cora! I'm humbled by your bravery! Sending you love & prayers to prevail!!!