Aspirin Plavix symptoms?

Today i was driving and experienced bad abdominal pain, then my mouth kept filling up w saliva and i felt i needed to throw up. I pulled over, didn’t throw up, but my mouth kept filling up w saliva. Ive never ever experienced something like that. Anyone have this happen? Wondering if it’s aspirin related

Jennifer, it really sucks to throw up in a car, as an old Social Worker I can attest to it, so I’m glad you didn’t! Next time your at the Drs see if you can’t grab some of the vomit bags and keep in your vehicle. They come in really handy. I keep them in ziplock baggies - glove compartments, the compartment between seats and in the holders behind the seats. I had several sources when I worked that would give them to me, ER, doctors office and paramedics.

Hopefully you can get an appointment with your PCP (family dr). In the meantime, here’s side effects

And this is interesting to note

So it boils back down to call your Doctor. Hope you’re feeling better, might want to reduce the caffeine if you use it. Be careful self medicating as there are medications that can play havoc with tests.

Im not a doctor but to me it kind of sounds like anxiety!?

I am also on plavix and aspirin and I have not had this happen to me

It’s reflux

Aspiring is infamous for causing reflux

From a hospitalist, I learned that one should always take something like omeprazole or ranitidine when taking a NSAID. I don’t touch NSAIDs anymore per neurosurgeon’s orders. Guess she’ll tell me when I can take something for my back…this wet damp weather s making me stiff :slight_smile: