Are some brain locations more dangerous than others for an aneurysm?

A CT scan with and without contrast revealed I have a 4.4 mm aneurysm on my basilar artery. I know someone who had the same size on the same artery that ruptured. Is the basilar artery a riskier, more dangerous location than other places in the brain? My neurologist told me we would just recheck in a year, but I remain concerned.

I would suggest reading up on the big study, ISUIA, and perhaps the ISAT both International studies with a good amount of subjects. There are some indicators about location. But in the end, no matter what we share, it will be what your surgeon is comfortable and knowledgeable with, as well as what the facility head tells the surgeons they will do. Every facility has their own guidelines from what I can tell. For instance, all of my angiograms/coilings have been through my femoral artery, now the hospital does it through the arm. The head of the department made the call. And be prepared that should you seek a second opinion, that doctor will have one of their own, based on their interpretation of the studies along with their experience. It’s why trust becomes paramount.