Appt update

I had my 6 month follow up appt. It was an MRI/MRA and I was able to get more info as I didn't have it all.

The MRI with and without contrast was kind of freaky. I am so glad it had a mirror in front of me so it tricked my mind and I could see out past my feet. Otherwise I would have panicked. I felt a bit panicky prior to getting moved into the "tube."

I did not have the angio this go around.

With my appointment with my doc, I asked what size mine was and it was only 2mm (double bump). I did not realize it was that small and I said good thing and did that help with my survival. He said no. It doesn't matter the size - more of the amount of blood that gets around. He told me that folks in my age group are more prone to pass away than older folks with an aneurysm burst because younger folks' blood vessels will constrict more and move blood around more - causing more damage. He said folks in my age range typically only survive 50% of the time. Makes me feel a bit more grateful. He did say out of the 300 or so annies - about 5 will be around the size of mine. he also said that had they detected the anni prior to the burst - they would not have done anything but treated it as a watch and wait.

I mentioned my having to wear sunglasses all the time - even when cloudy or rainy, the pressure I feel up in my head, the switching of letters, concentration, focusing, etc. He did not say it wasn't from the aneurysm. He said, "those are similar to "complaints" from other aneurysm sufferers." Yah - a doctor that listens and believes it could be from it. (doesn't come right out and say it - but makes it to where you don't feel alone)

anyways - this was a "baseline" study for them and I will have my angio (through the groin) in 3 months.

Oh, and when I went in there with my notebook with questions (I laughed and said my memory made me do this) he leaned towards me and said shoot away. He took his time answering it and he didn't act hurried. This was one of the same folks on my surgeon team. I am so blessed to have stumbled upon these guys (and gal)

That is music to my ears as I have the same problem with the sun and non-sun. I found if I wear polarized sunglasses the pressure is less. I’m so happy you found a doctor who can validate your concerns.

Hi Amy...

Thank~you for the update...I learned alot from this information...I too have a 2mm behind my left eye they are "watching and waiting"...and of course I have a residual from one that was now that is a watch...I know the Doctors keep impressing on me...I must control all aspects that can cause rupture...

Enjoy your day Amy...and Stay Cool...~ Colleen