Anyone near Boston?

Is there anyone that lives near Boston or knows where I could go to get more information... Maybe a group meeting or the like? I am grossly underprepared for my appointment with Dr. Malek at Tufts in a couple weeks, and am getting very nervous. I am finishing up my finals at school and haven't had a lot of time to put my ducks in a row :-(

Check the BAF group sites...BAF is in Boston...

Wishing you the best...stay in touch...



I had a ruptured aneurysm with complications Nov 2010. I had a craniotomy by Dr. Schirmer at Baystate Medical Center . I know Dr.Schirmer saved my life, he was fantastic. I was also transferred to Tufts post operatively for complications . Dr. Malek took excellent care of me while I was there, which was good , because I was not aware of much until a few days before being transferred to a rehab . I do remember his smiling face and feeling that he cared . He was always smiling and asking questions and I remember him having me repeat the questions he asked over and over . He made me smile. By the way Dr. Schirmer also did his residency under Dr.Malek at Tufts . Long story short , he put me at ease when I didn't even realize where I was at first , so I'm positive you will experience the same.


That just made me smile Thank you Joan

Thank you! appointment tomorrow 1:30

Hi Elise I am fortunate enough to have Dr Malek also, He is wonderfu and very caring if you would like to to discuss more about him or etc we could talk, he place a stint in my head two months ago, and unfortunately I am faced with another aneurism, hes wonderful hope all turns out well Colleen F I live in Tewksbury


Hi. My mom had her aneurysm clipped by Dr. Malek on Dec.6th. We liked him very much. I'm not sure if you've had your meeting yet but I wish you a lot of luck. I hope things turn out well for you.

Hi, I live in Quincy Ma/ had my surgeries at MGH, DR Christopher Ogilvy, he is personable, kind, caring and an amazing surgeon, his team is incredible. I would highly recommend Dr. Ogilvy, as my son put it "he is the best man for the job"

There are many support groups out there, I believe they still have one in Braintree at the Braintree rehab.